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Classic Runestone
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This article is about the altars used to recharge Prayer. For the altars used in Runecrafting, see Runecrafting altar.

For altars in a player owned house, see Chapel. For altars in Daemonheim, see Dungeoneering/Prayer.


Saradomin Altar Chaos Altar


Praying at altar

A player prays to the gods.

An altar is an interactive piece of furniture that allows a player to recharge their Prayer points. To pray at an altar, players must left-click on the altar, or right-click and select the pray option. Their character will then kneel by the altar, and it will recharge prayer points. If a player uses an item on an altar, a message appears saying "You fear the wrath of the gods!" However, this will not happen at the altar to Seren in Lletya or the Vampyric altar in Darkmeyer.

To locate an altar, look for the altar icon (Altar map icon) on the world map or minimap.

Altar locationsEdit

These are the locations of all the normal altars around the world (this list is incomplete).


  • Druid's Circle north of Taverley. Use the stone in the centre of the Henge.
  • Black Knights' Fortress - Chaos altar on 2nd level
  • The hospital located at the Al Kharid Duel Arena
  • The upper floor in the White Knight's Castle in Falador
  • Lumbridge
  • South-west of Port Sarim
  • Altar of Guthix north of Taverley
  • Varrock
    • In the church in the north-east corner of the city
    • In the chaos temple in the south-east corner of the city
    • Varrock Palace
  • Wilderness
    • In the Chaos Temple at level 12, South-East of the Graveyard of Shadows
    • In the Chaos Temple southwest of the Lava Maze in level 38 wilderness
  • Upstairs at the Edgeville Monastery (also known as the Prayer Guild), just west of Edgeville. Can only be entered by players with a prayer level of 31. Praying at the altar boosts the player's prayer points 20 above their regular amount. Only special altar available to free players.


Vampyric altar

An altar for the vampyres.

Unusable altarsEdit

This altar looks like standard altars but cannot be used to recharge prayer points.

  • There was an altar in the basement of the Wizard's Tower before its graphical update. While it still existed, it was used in the Restless Ghost quest. After an update, it had no use until its removal.
  • Broken altar in Sophanem.
  • Altar in the Taverley Dungeon; the monks of Zamorak


  • When attempting to use any item on an altar (except all types of bones and all spreadable ashes [the ones dropped by monsters]), the following message appears in your chat box: "You fear the wrath of the gods!".
  • Altars may be officially dedicated to a god such as Saradomin, Zamorak or Guthix, but any player can pray at any usable altar, even if they have chosen a god different from the altar's, have thwarted the god's followers in a quest or are wearing symbols or items of other gods.

Fast transport altarsEdit

These altars are reasonably accessible by "fast" transportation means: teleport spells or items, Fairy rings, Gnome gliders, and the Balloon transport system. Players can use the transportation means and then walk only a short distance to the altar.

The list notes whether the transport is:

  • 2-Way: You can use it to go to the altar and then again to return to where you came from. Two-way transportation is usually most useful for prayer-using players when killing monsters in areas without conveniently located altars.
  • 1-Way: You can use it to go the altar, but you must get back by some other means. This can be quite practical if there is a convenient teleport back. For example, when in the Morytania Slayer Tower, using a Combat bracelet to go to the Monastery and then a Slayer ring to return to the tower is a quick way to recharge prayer points.

Note that some transportation means may require the start or completion of quests. These requirements are not listed here.

Altar Location Fast Transport Method
Kandarin Monastery south of Ardougne 1-Way: Ardougne cloak 1 teleport
2-Way: Fairy ring D•J•P to the Tower of Life and then go west to the monastery. This is not as fast as most other fast-teleport altars, but it is the quickest for players wishing to use the fairy rings. (It is a bit faster if the player can use an Ardougne cloak to teleport to the monastery and then just use the fairy ring to return.)
Church at Lumbridge 1-Way: Lumbridge Home Teleport, Lumbridge Teleport
Church on Entrana 2-Way: Balloon transport to Entrana
Altar in Lletya 1-Way: Elf teleport crystal
Captured Temple near Goblin Village 1-Way: Goblin village teleport sphere
Temple on Ape Atoll 1-Way: Teleport to Ape Atoll
Monastery west of Edgeville 1-Way: Combat bracelet
Chapel room of player's house 1-Way: Teleport to House
Altar at entrance of Ourania Cave 1-Way: Ourania Teleport of the Lunar Spells
Chaos Temple (hut) in Level 38 Wilderness 1-Way: Ghorrock Teleport of Ancient Magicks to Ice Plateau in Level 45 Wilderness, then south to hut. This is not as fast as most other fast-teleport altars, but it is the fastest of the Ancient Magicks spells. It is also dangerous, being in the Wilderness. (Ice Plateau Teleport and Tele Group Ice Plateau of the Lunar spells can also be used for access to this altar, but the Lunar Ourania Teleport is better, since it teleports closer to an altar and does not involve the Wilderness.)
Sulphur spring in Oo'glog 2-Way: This is not as convenient as the others, but its large prayer boost may make it worthwhile. Go to Feldip Hills by Gnome glider or by Fairy ring code A•K•S. Run south to Oo'glog (north-eastern shortcut to the city is the fastest path, if player has sufficient Agility). At the Spa, players can also use the salt water springs to get unlimited run energy for a time, so running to the spa and back to the gnome glider or fairy ring becomes practical.
2-Way: Travel on any charter ship to Oo'glog and run west to the pools.
Altar of Zaros at the Senntisten Temple in the Digsite Dungeon 1-Way: Digsite pendant. This is not as fast as most other fast-teleport altars, but the 15% extra prayer boost may make it worth it.

1-Way: Gnome glider from the grand tree, but the glider will crash and you can't fly back.

Vampyric altar in Darkmeyer 2-Way: Drakan's medallion between Darkmeyer and any of these locations in Morytania: Barrows, Burgh de Rott, Meiyerditch Myrque hideout, and Meiyerditch Dungeon. The medallion does not use a charge when used in Morytania, so it is very useful. Also, it allows fast banking as well as prayer recharge, as there are banks in Darkmeyer and Burgh de Rott. When you wear the Darkmeyer hood, torso, trousers and boots, you will not be attacked.

1-Way: Drakan's medallion to Darkmeyer from other places.

Elidinis Statuette in Nardah 1-Way: Desert amulet 2/3/4


  • A long time ago the Altar of Chaos, the altar glorifying Zamorak, did not recharge prayer points fully. It restored 2 less (now equivalent to 20) than the player's maximum. Having 2 or less maximum Prayer would fully recharge your points, however.
  • At the Monastery (the Prayer Guild), Nature Grotto altar , and Seers' Village altar (with Seers' headband 3,)(no longer needs to be equipped or with you), players receive 20 more prayer points than their maximum. For example, if someone had level 50 prayer, then praying at the monastery would recharge their prayer points to 520, rather than 500.
  • Above-level prayer boosts do not allow players to use any prayer above their normal prayer level. For example, a player with level 58 prayer which gets their prayer boosted to 60 at the Monastery cannot use a level 60 prayer. (The extra prayer points just extend the player's praying times.)
  • The Rogue's Den activity could have been used to recharge prayer. When starting the activity, the players prayer points are reduced to 0. Whenever the player leaves the game, however, prayer points are restored to the players prayer level (Even if the player had fewer points).
  • Altars located in a player's house can be used to train Prayer. Simply use any bones on an altar in a Player-owned house to gain experience. When you use bones on a player's altar it will say, "The gods are very pleased with your offering." OR "The gods are pleased with your offering.' OR "The gods accept your offering." and you will lose your bones and gain some Prayer experience. This does not work on normal altars.
  • Altars inside Daemonheim work similar to that in a Player-owned house, giving 4x the xp received from burying.
  • You can check the Zamorakian altar in Varrock, if you check it, it says: An altar to the evil god Zamorak. You can check it as part of the quest Merlin's Crystal.

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