The Scythe

Aloft Dagger is the central island of the Scythe region.

Aloft Dagger is an island in The Scythe region of the Wushanko Isles. This large island is the home of the soothsayers, where they are educated before they practise their arts elsewhere.

Related voyagesEdit

  • In A Barmaid's Tip, Surula may hear some interesting gossip concerning Aloft Dagger and a shipment of cherry wood. 
  • In Arcane Knowledge, The Occultist wishes to obtain the secrets of an ancient tomb located in the heart of a cherry wood grotto on Aloft Dagger. Uncovering these secrets will impart powerful knowledge.
  • In A Voyage of Discovery, a captain can unlock Fast Learner by travelling to Aloft Dagger.
  • In Escort Duty, the player may provide an escort for a group of tortured sea singers on their journey to escape the soothsayers of Aloft Dagger.
  • In For the Good of All, the player hears that the soothsayer's demonic army is vulnerable. An attack could make the area around Aloft Dagger safer for all.
  • In In Dire Need, wounded sea singers are in desperate need of supplies. The player brings aid to Aloft Dagger to help them in their war against the soothsayers.
  • In Island Explorer, the player may send a ship to explore Aloft Dagger in search of resources. Beware of the soothsayers who own the island.
  • In I Spy, the player may send a ship to spy on soothsayers on Aloft Dagger and information to a band of sea singers who are planning a raid to rescue their prisoners.
  • In To Gain through Death, The Assassin has heard that a corrupt advisor to Aloft Dagger's Judge of Dice has a vast supply of cherry wood.
  • In Troubled Waters, the player sends a ship to navigate sharp, jutting rocks that surround the west coast of Aloft Dagger to find a quicker route to the soothsayer ritual grounds.
  • In The Sea Bear, a towering sea bear has been spotted near Aloft Dagger. The player dispatches a ship to fight it for fame and glory.
  • In Forgotten Scrolls, Explore Aloft Dagger in search of resources. Beware of the soothsayers who own the island.

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