Full beacon lighting walk throughEdit

This is based on getting the Inferno Adze therefore may not be cheapest.

This method has been used, and easily completed the task with familiar and infinite run still going, despite a few minor errors.

The Invitation box can be used to speed access to the Odd Old Man's beacon.


This is comparatively low-risk, the cost of the logs outweighs the value of items you are likely to lose on death.


  1. Check all beacons are loaded with logs
  2. Check all beacons, ladders etc. are repaired
  3. Check first seven keepers are ready
  4. Check required levels achieved - if you are boosting strength or agility you will need to adjust the inventory to carry the boosting item.
    1. 64 agility for the short cut
    2. 60 strength for the rock
    3. Summoning for a BoB (Beast of Burden)
    4. Mage for teleports
    5. Firemaking 92
    6. Prayer 52 for topping up beacon 7
  5. Check you can acquire and use the teleports listed, if necessary make an adjusted copy of this list
    1. If you haven't completed the necessary fairy rings quests you will need a lunar or dramen staff
    2. If you can't use Trollheim Teleport, you may well be better off starting there
    3. If you can use the Trollheim Teleport and have completed The Mighty Fall you can use the God Wars Dungeon Teleport to make lighting the beacons a little easier.
  6. Check you have required items in your bank (or acquire them)
  7. Check you are on standard magics
  8. Check your one-click prayer is prot-melee (or similar, depending on prayer book)
  9. Know the route



These are over and above what you are carrying, for emergencies

  • Spare food
  • Spare super restore
  • Spare super energy
  • Prayer potions
  • Summoning potions
  • Spare Glory
  • Spare boots of lightness
  • Spare spottier cape
  • Spare runes
  • Spare Goblin orb
  • Spare lumber yard teleport
  • Spare combat bracelet (4)
  • Spare familiar pouch
  • 100 spare logs of the type you are using at the beginning
  • A few spare spaces might come in handy for storing depleted items


  • Enough cash for ship to Oo'glog if that's how you travel


  1. Tinder box on belt.



(If you have Rams Head (e)/Bone Sack (e) or invitation box adjust accordingly, take one less super energy, and keep the glory with the familiar. You will have to adjust when you "take BoB".)

  1. One click teleport
  2. Lumber yard teleport
  3. Goblin village sphere
  4. 25 logs (of the types for the first 5 beacons)


(If you have Rams Head (e)/Bone Sack (e) adjust accordingly, take one less super energy, and keep the glory with the familiar. You will have to adjust when you "take BoB".)

  • War tortoise
  1. 8 Law runes (allows for extra Trollheim teleports)
  2. 8 fire runes
  3. 1 rocktail
  4. Super restore potion (4) Warning - looks like super energy
  5. Super energy potion (4)
  6. Super energy potion (4)
  7. 10 logs (of the types for beacons 6 and 7)

Alternatively, if Love Story and King of the Dwarves are completed, take 8 Trollheim tablets and an extra rocktail or super energy potion instead of the runes.

Last minute prepEdit

  1. Get healed
  2. Full summoning
  3. Full prayer (at the monastery or temple)
  4. All ability levels restored
  5. Check "run" is on
  6. Check left click summoning is take BoB
  7. Check left click prayer is defend against melee
  8. Check auto-retaliate is off
  9. Set bank "withdraw X" on 5
  10. Check you have time to complete the run without RL interruptions
  11. Make plans for emergencies (See #If things go wrong).
  12. Go to Oo'glog by whatever means you desire (spirit tree near Mobilising Armies and run East, Fairy rings AKS and run due south or by ship)
  13. At Oo'glog bank load your inventory appropriately
  14. Summon a war tortoise (or pack yak) Summoning clock starts now
  15. Fill the BoB inventory
  16. Refill your inventory
  17. Set a map marker where King Roald will be, in his room at the Varrock Palace.

Jump in the salt spa (Note that "infinite run" will not keep your run at 100% rather in the 90-100 range).

The run beginsEdit

From the spa

  1. Climb out Infinite run clock starts now
  2. Slayer ring to Morytania Slayer Tower
  3. Run SW to bridge, over bridge
  4. Jump over agility shortcut
  5. Light Salve beacon. (1) Beacon clock starts now
  6. Give 5 logs (talk, option 1, when the logs go from your inventory leave.)
  7. Run to rag and bone man beacon (rams head (e)/bone sack (e)/invitation box if you have it)
  8. Light beacon (2)
  9. Give 5 logs
  10. Lumber yard teleport
  11. Run to Jolly Boar beacon
  12. Light beacon (3)
  13. Give 5 logs
  14. Run to Varrock Castle beacon
  15. Light beacon (4)
  16. Give 5 logs
  17. Run to Grand Exchange beacon
  18. Light beacon (5)
  19. Give 5 logs
  20. Glory to Edgeville
  21. Run to Edgeville beacon
  22. Light beacon (6)
  23. Take BoB (the rest of the teleports, potions and 10 logs)
  24. Give 5 logs
  25. Combat bracelet to Monastery
  26. Run to Black Knight beacon
  27. Light beacon (7)
  28. Give 5 logs (last logs)
  29. Goblin sphere to Goblin Village
  30. Open door if necessary!
  31. Run to beacon
  32. Light beacon (8)
  33. Combat bracelet to Burthorpe (Warriors Guild)
  34. Run to beacon
  35. Light beacon(9)
  36. Trollheim Teleport
  37. Descend to the East
  38. Climb up to Trollheim Beacon (Egg)
  39. Light beacon (11)
  40. Descend to East --> (Wilderness - world hop if it looks advisable)
  41. Run south to Wilderness level 13 - Troll Beacon (Crate)
  42. Climb up
  43. Light beacon (10)
  44. Trollheim Teleport
  45. Descend to the East
  46. Activate "Protect Missiles"
  47. Run north past boulder hurling trolls
  48. Lift rock
  49. Activate "Protect Melee" (one click)
  50. Run (or walk if infinite run is empty) North East to agility short cut
  51. Climb up
  52. Run (or walk if infinite run is empty) North East to Nanuq's Beacon
  53. Super restore
  54. Light beacon (12)
  55. climb down East (might need another super restore for agility) --> (Wilderness level 31 - world hop if it looks advisable)
  56. Prayer off
  57. Super restore, eat, prayer pot, super energy as needed
  58. Run North past small temple
  59. Climb up ladder (Wilderness lvl 40)
  60. Light beacon (13)
  61. Climb down ladder
  62. Run North by north east to gate in fence (wilderness level 54)
  63. Through gate
  64. Run North-West then North to Frozen Waste beacon (wilderness lvl 52)
  65. Light beacon (14) (receive congratulations message)
  66. Run back through gate
  67. Run south to level 30 wilderness
  68. Glory to Edgeville
  69. Go to King Roald and claim your adze!

Clean upEdit

  1. Heal, restore, pray etc.
  2. Adjust your settings (auto retaliate, left click prayer, left click BoB etc.)
  3. Burn, bank, drop, sell or use excess items

If things go wrongEdit

A fuse blows, you get attacked by a PK party, you brought the wrong potion, clicked the wrong teleport.... Factors to consider:

  1. How much "infinite" run you have left
  2. Do you need your familiar?
  3. Do you have the items you need (teleports, potions, lightening devices)

Options are, top up beacons, resume where you left off or start from scratch

You have to decide quickly if you are going to continue, as all three clocks (infinite run, familiar, beacon burning) are running.

Complete restartEdit

  • If it's early: go back to the beginning - you lose some logs, maybe a couple of teleports.
    • Bank surplus stuff
    • While you have your familiar re-fill the beacons you lit (you may need to wait for them to burn out)
    • Replace any used teleports, and restock your bank
    • Consider world switching

Patch upEdit

A. With existing familiar (or no familiar) B. With a new familiar

  1. Get to a bank
  2. Top up any stats (eat, restore, energy, summoning, prayer)
  3. Sort out your familiar
  4. Grab the appropriate teleports, logs, potions, food, boots, cloak etc.


  • If it's late use your backup plan
    • Teleport or run to bank
    • stock up with required items

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