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Ali the Leaflet Dropper
Ali the Leaflet Dropper
Release date 10 April 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC Missing My Mummy
Location North of the Al-kharid mine
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A young boy handing out flyers.
Ali the Leaflet Dropper location
Ali the Leaflet Dropper chathead

Ali the Leaflet Dropper is a boy who advertises the shop that sells scimitars with the Al kharid flyer. He often advertises stores in Al Kharid like "Ali's discount wares- the finest store in the world!" He is very minor, and is only really useful when helping to "complete" the Pharaoh Queen. His leaflet is then taken to Reldo in return for a Scroll of praise.

He stands near the opening of the border, north-west of the Al Kharid Mine, which used to allow players to go into the Al-Kharid region without paying the 10 coin toll. He can be found to the east of Rat Burgiss, the character who you talk to in order to start the easy Varrock Tasks. Ali Morrisane has stationed him here because it is a major crossroads in Misthalanian and Kharidian commerce, used primarily by Lumbridge, Varrock, and Al-Kharid to trade and travel.

Ali's chat head was one of the first chat heads that was rendered in high detail in RuneScape 2.


  • He tells players to 'stay near the west fence' to avoid the scorpions, even though the fence has since been removed and replaced with a rock wall.

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