Ali the Carter
Ali the Carter
Release date 5 December 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Nardah
Sells items Waterskins
Gender Male
Examine A water salesman from Pollnivneach.
Ali the Carter location
Ali the Carter chathead

Ali the Carter is a salesman and conman who operates in the dried-up town of Nardah, deep in the southern Kharidian Desert and perfectly south-east of Pollnivneach, where it is apparent Ali the Carter hailed from, given his name and examine info. Prior to completion of the Spirits of the Elid quest, Ali stands in the town square of Nardah and sells Waterskins for a staggering 1000 coins each and thus scamming the townspeople and making insane profits from the desperate locals, who have no other source of water since the town's water supply dried up prior to the quest.

After Spirits of the Elid, Nardah's water supply has returned, and the town's fountain is flowing again, thus putting an end to Ali's con. Ali will continue to charge you the same price out of spite, complaining that you ruined his business by restoring the town's water, though the player can still buy water from him at the same outrageous price, claiming that they "feel sorry for him". The water is not worth buying, as there is a nearby bank in the town, and the fountain can easily refill a depleted waterskin.


  • His name is a possible reference to English Snooker player, Ali Carter.
  • He wears a turban in NPC mode, but his chathead is different.