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Postbag from the Hedge
This article or section contains information only featured in Postbag from the Hedge.
Postbags are generally considered canon, unless directly conflicting with lore in-game, in which case the latter has precedence.

Ali Dodger is a member of the Ali Cats, a criminal network active in the settlement of Pollnivneach in the Kharidian Desert. Ali Dodger responds to a player-submitted letter about the Ali Cats in issue 42 of Postbag from the Hedge.

Ali Dodger, like the rest of the group's members, is an orphaned child currently being cared for by an unknown elderly man. He is an information gatherer, and the presence of a gang war between the bandits and menaphite thugs currently living in Pollnivneach has made his talents a valuable asset to the group.

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