Al Kharid port location

The Al Kharid port was created with the release of Dungeoneering, acting as a method of travel to Daemonheim for those without access to a ring of kinship, along with running from the Wilderness. It is found directly west of the main Al Kharid bank. This port is not advised if a player has access to a ring of kinship, which teleports directly to Daemonheim itself.

The port was originally only attached to Al Kharid, but an update in March 2011 extended it into a bridge between Al Kharid and Lumbridge Swamp.

As of yet, it seems that it was created solely for the use of the Fremenniks in Daemonheim. They chose this location to gather adventurers most likely because it isn't swarming with "outlanders" like Port Sarim, and is easily accessed by any willing to venture into Daemonheim. Strangely enough, there are no boats in the Fremennik Province offering to take you to Daemonheim.

Logistically, Jagex most likely created it so that it would be easier for players to find and start Dungeoneering, which would be harder if it was mixed in with other ships in an area such as with Port Sarim.

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