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Airut bones detail

Airut bones are associated with the Prayer skill. They are dropped by Airut. Airut bones give 132.5 Prayer experience when buried. This is increased to 463.7 experience when using a gilded altar with lit burners or 530 experience when using the ectofuntus. When combined with a clan avatar and gilded altar with both burners lit, 491.5 Prayer experience is given.


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Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Beastmaster Durzag20008–27Always
Beastmaster Durzag200072–146Uncommon

Cost and XP analysisEdit

Bury Gilded altar Ectofuntus Cremation
Experience 132.5 463.75 530 596.25 (Total) 331.25 (Prayer) + 265 (FM)
Cost per XP -43.7 -12.5 -10.9 -9.7 (Total) -17.5 (Prayer) or -21.8 (FM)
  • It is assumed that two burners are lit while using the gilded altar and does not include the cost of clean marrentill.


  • A player choosing to use airut bones all the way from 1-99 Prayer, using a gilded altar with lit burners and no other experience boosts, would, if all the bones were bought at the current medium price on the Grand Exchange, spend 162,726,592.75.
    • Additionally the first bone used would take them straight to level 5 Prayer.
    • Using the ectofuntus would cost 142,370,417.09, but would take far longer to do. Simply burying the bones would cost 569,481,668.37.
  • After an update, airut bones were physically increased in size, to better match the creature they came from. Prior to the update, the bones were similar to the size of regular bones. This update made the bones appear to occupy a 3x3 space.

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