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Air Surge
Air Surge icon
Members? Yes
Level Magic 81
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat

Air weakness icon Air

Damage 777
Runes 5Air rune
Air Surge
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Air Surge, a pay-to-play magic spell, is the strongest air spell and tied with water, earth, and fire surge for strongest elemental spell in the standard spellbook. It requires five air runes to cast. The base damage of this spell is 777, and it scales up to 883 at 92 Magic. An armadyl battlestaff, or any staff aligned to Air gives the player unlimited casts.


5Air rune150
Combo runes
5Dust rune3,185
5Smoke rune4,060
5Mist rune5,135
Staff of air0
Avernic wandTome of frost0


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