Ai Jei is an island in The Skull region of the Wushanko Isles. Like the rest of The Skull, it is known for gunpowder production, however, Ai Jei, the largest island of the region, is also known for its apple orchards. The khan of Ai Jei is territorial and xenophobic.


  • In A Daring Raid, the player may raid a small sea fort or a pair of small assault ships belonging to the khan of Ai Jei, who has been openly hostile to the player.
  • In The Resource Race, the player attempts to beat the khan of Ai Jei to rich resources the khan found on a neighboring island. Strangely, the voyage awards chimes, but no resources.
  • In A Friend Indeed, the player may befriend the khan's wife.
  • In X Marks the Spot, the Navigator has found rich resources on the coasts of Ai Jei. The player may send a ship to locate and retrieve them.


  • The island's name is a reference to the character Applejack (nicknamed AJ) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Its plethora of apple orchards adds to this allusion.
  • The island is congruent in shape to the island of Hawai'i of the Hawaiian Islands.

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