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Ah Za Rhoon
Ah Za Rhoon
Also known as Temple of Ah Za Rhoon
Release date 27 January 2003 (Update)
Kingdom Karamja
Members area Yes
No. of banks None
No. of altars None
Main music Oriental
Leader Unknown (was once Zadimus)
Teleportation None
Ah Za Rhoon map

Ah Za Rhoon, which means Magnificence floating on water in an ancient language, was an ancient temple in Karamja that was built by Zadimus and destroyed by Rashiliyia. After being lost for many years, the temple became a legend, making many doubt its existence. This temple is visited during the Shilo Village quest.

Getting ThereEdit

Shilo village - fissure

The fissure

To get to the temple from Tai Bwo Wannai, go east to the river, cross the log near the crashed glider, and go south along the river until you reach a mound of earth.

If you have access to the gnome glider network, then teleport to Al Kharid, take the glider to the Gnome Stronghold, then take the glider to "gandius" (Karamja). From there walk a little north-west to reach the temple opening, which looks like a large grey rock.

Use your spade on it to find a fissure. Light your torch with the tinderbox, then use the torch on the fissure to light it up. (Warning: don't use an expensive light source, as you will lose it!) Add a rope to the fissure, securing it to the lip. Search the fissure again to climb down into the dungeon below (32 Agility required). After a short period of time the fissure will be covered in earth again - use your spade to uncover the fissure, and the rope and torch will still be in place.


  • In the first area, the water appears to form an arm and hand, with the fingers encircling a round pond.

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