Not to be confused with Nimble outfit.
"Agile" redirects here. For the skilling shard, see agile shard.

The agile set is a set obtained through the use of Agility. It can be stored in an armour case in a player-owned house. Obtaining the full set is a requirement for the achievement Agile from Head to Toe, which is required for the completionist cape (t).

It consists of:

Items Levels required Armour Weight
Reward for 250
perfect laps of
Agile top Agile top 90 72 -12 kg Advanced Barbarian course
Agile legs Agile legs 85 72 -10 kg Advanced Gnome Stronghold course
Totals 144 -22 kg -

1 Can be boosted, as it is the level needed to obtain it, not to equip it.