Not to be confused with Nimble outfit.
"Agile" redirects here. For the skilling shard, see agile shard.

The Agile set is an Agility set obtained through the use of Agility. It can be stored in an armour case in a player-owned house. It consists of:

Items Levels required Armour Weight
Reward for 250
perfect laps of
Agility-icon1 Constitution-icon Defence-icon
Agile top Agile top 90 35 35 72 -12 kg Advanced Barbarian course
Agile legs Agile legs 85 35 35 72 -10 kg Advanced Gnome Stronghold course
Totals 144 -22 kg -

1 Can be boosted, as it is the level needed to obtain it, not to equip it.

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