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For a list of aggressive monsters, see Category:Aggressive monsters.

Aggressive monsters will initiate combat with a player on their own.

Aggressiveness is a trait in monsters that determines attitude towards players in their vicinity. Aggressive monsters will target players nearby on their own to initiate combat. Only one aggressive monster will initiate combat at a time. For some entities, aggressiveness is negated after a certain period of time, by being a high enough combat level, or by wearing a certain item or set; for others, aggressiveness can never be negated. A monster that is not aggressive is tolerant.


Most monsters will keep their focus on a single player; however, some monsters have an aggression that regularly refreshes, targeting different players each time. Examples of monsters which do this are vitali and the Corporeal Beast.

Monsters that become tolerantEdit

Over timeEdit

NPC tolerance

Over time, most monsters become docile.

Over time, almost every aggressive monster can become tolerant of a player. This docility usually happens after 5 minutes of staying in the vicinity of the monsters. Monsters that have already spawned and targeted a player do not become docile, but newly spawned monsters will not be aggressive. Docility will only reset if the player logs out and logs back in or if the area is exited and returned to (you must walk away around twice the distance which the monsters start to disappear in order for it to reset).

With level Edit

Monsters will not be aggressive to players who are double that monster's combat level. For example, a level 51 moss giant will not be aggressive towards players who are combat level 102 and higher. As the maximum combat level that players can achieve is 138, aggressive monsters level 70 or greater will always be aggressive to players.

With itemsEdit

Tolerance Ape atoll

With a greegree equipped, monkeys and gorillas will not attack.

Without the required items, all monsters listed here will never become tolerant of a player after a period of time, except for living rock creatures.

That never become tolerantEdit

  • Most bosses and their body guards
  • Most monsters in the wilderness
  • Most monsters in Daemonheim
  • Tormented demons
  • Edimmu

Other aggressionsEdit

  • Kharid desert bandits will become aggressive towards players wearing items devoted to Saradomin or Zamorak. This aggressiveness never subsides.
  • Orks in the God Wars Dungeon will become aggressive to players who have slain another ork, even if the player is wearing Bandos or Zarosian-affiliated items.
  • Dwarves in the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield become aggressive towards players that attack another dwarf on their side. This aggressiveness subsides as normal.
  • Monsters in the Kharazi Jungle become aggressive to players who swing a bull roarer near them.
  • Rorarii become aggressive towards players who target another rorarius. This only applies to rorarius that are attacked by the player at full health.
  • Activating a Scrimshaw of aggression or Scrimshaw of corruption will cause all monsters to behave as aggressive.
  • Drinking a dose of Aggression potion will cause monsters to behave as aggressive for the 6-minute duration of the potion.
  • Ripper demons will become aggressive towards players whose life points are at 35% or lower of their maximum hitpoints.

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