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Aggression potion detail

An aggression potion is made with level 82 Herblore by using clean bloodweed and searing ashes on a vial of water. This grants the player 185 Herblore experience, and the process cannot be assisted.

When an aggression potion is consumed, it will cause monsters in an 8 by 8 radius of the player to become aggressive towards them for 6 minutes, regardless if tolerance has or has not been achieved yet. It also attracts implings to the player. The effect of the potion can be removed by drinking a cup of tea.

Players using this potion during Slayer assignments are advised to use caution if using Morvran, as there are nearby Iorwerth guards and scouts which will attack the player if they are still under the effects of the potion.

The aggression potion is inconsistent when used with items that normally cause aggressive monsters to become tolerant. For instance, using an aggression potion with a shard of Zaros will not cause Nihil to become aggressive. However, doing the same in the God Wars Dungeon will cause most of the dungeon's monsters to become aggressive.

Aggression potions are ineffective against all variants of strykewyrm, since the player has to stomp on their mound first, as well as against rune dragons.

Price per doseEdit

Item GE price Price per dose
Aggression potion (1) Aggression potion (1) 13,225 13,225
Aggression potion (2) Aggression potion (2) 23,672 11,836
Aggression potion (3) Aggression potion (3) 43,545 14,515
Aggression potion (4) Aggression potion (4) 60,566 15,142


Aggression potion (3) Aggression potion (3)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
185 XP-43,545
Herblore Herblore level82
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Bloodweed potion (unf)Bloodweed potion (unf)113,41913,419
Searing ashesSearing ashes136,33136,331
Total price49,750

Production costsEdit

Herb Secondary Vial Material cost Profit Profit/XP
Clean bloodweed Clean bloodweed Searing ashes searing ashes Vial of water Vial of water 50,956 -7,411 -39.84
Grimy bloodweed Grimy bloodweed Searing ashes searing ashes Vial of water Vial of water 51,299 -7,754 -39.26
N/A Searing ashes searing ashes Bloodweed potion (unf) Bloodweed potion (unf) 49,750 -6,205 -33.54


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