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This article is about the tier-4 aura. For the Dagon'hai monk, see Dakh'thoulan Aegis.
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Aegis aura detail

Aegis is a tier-4 aura that costs 84,000 Membership Loyalty Points. It is a shield that can block up to 10% damage, based on players' Defence levels. The absorption rate is also consistent with the player's level. For example, at 99 Defence, if the player incurs 50 damage, they are only hit for 45, and 5 is absorbed. The animation, however, only occasionally activates.

The aura remains activated for 30 minutes or until it has soaked up 80,000 life points of damage, and has a recharge time of 5 hours. When the aura has absorbed the maximum amount, the message displayed in the chatbox is "Your aegis shield has absorbed all the damage it is able to absorb, and has dissipated."

Combat StatsAura equipped
Skill requirements
NoneAura slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses


  • Aegis is a reference to the shield created by Hephaestus, and worn by Zeus and daughter Athena in Greek mythology. Aegis also means "protection" or "support".
  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat only 1,000 damage was absorbed. After its launch, the aura absorbed a total of 4,000 damage, before again having been changed to its current state.
  • The set effects of the Warpriest armour and Leviathan rings use the same animation when damage is absorbed.

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