Advanced Sweeping
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Fully enchant your broomstick after the 'Swept Away' quest.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Completionist
RuneScore Runescore 15

Advanced Sweeping is an achievement that requires the player to fully enchant the broomstick by bringing it to various magic users around the world. Temporary boosts, such as a magic potion, can be used to reach the requirements, but the God Emissary banner boost does not work as a boost for these requirements.

Enchanting locationsEdit

NPC Location Magic level
Apprentice Al Kharid 1[1] Ability to teleport to the Sorceress's Garden
Ali the Hag Pollnivneach 33 1,997 Magic experience
Old crone East of the Slayer Tower 53 7,139 Magic experience
Baba Yaga Lunar Isle 73 10,338 Magic experience
Kardia Underground Pass 93[2] 14,979 Magic experience
  1. ^ Diamond in the Rough needs to be completed and the player needs to have spoken to Osman in order to talk to the apprentice.
  2. ^ Do not attempt to go into her house directly as she will hit the player with damage with a spell. Instead, pick up the Witch's cat from a platform to the north-west and use it on her door. It would then be possible to enter her house; use the broomstick with Kardia to get it enchanted.