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This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw admiral pie.
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Admiral pie detail

An admiral pie is a pie that can be baked with the Cooking skill at level 70. To make an admiral pie, add salmon, tuna, and raw potato (in that order) into a pie shell. An admiral pie heals 1750 life points at maximum in two bites, 875 per bite, and each bite temporarily raises the consumer's Fishing level by 5 levels. By eating half an admiral pie, it is possible to enter the Fishing Guild at level 63 Fishing. The fishing boost of Admiral pie does not stack with the fishing boost from a fishing potion, a fish pie, nor the skill boost from a god banner. Although the ingredients are available to non-members, only members can make admiral pie. Making an admiral pie from scratch is part of the Seer's Village Elite task set. It is also possible to win 5 admiral pies from Treasure Hunter as a common prize.

How to makeEdit

Tools/Utensils Pie dish
Ingredients Salmon, Tuna, Raw potato, Pastry dough
Cooking-icon Level 70
Level at which it stops burning 94
Cooking-icon Experience 210
Range Only? Yes
Instructions To make admiral pie:
  1. Use Pastry dough > Pie dish (becomes a Pie shell)
  2. Use cooked salmon > Pie shell (becomes Part admiral pie 1)
  3. Use cooked tuna > Part admiral pie 1 (becomes Part admiral pie 2)
  4. Use raw potato > Part admiral pie 2 (becomes Raw admiral pie)
  5. Cook on a range (Use Uncooked admiral pie > Range). Will either become an admiral pie (edible) or a burnt pie (non-edible; can be emptied to reuse pie dish).


Ingredients Ingredients cost Product cost Profit GP/XP
Clay+Pot of flour+Salmon+Tuna+Raw potato 742 1,090 348 1.66
Soft clay+Pot of flour+Salmon+Tuna+Raw potato 761 1,090 329 1.57
Pie dish+Pot of flour+Salmon+Tuna+Raw potato 690 1,090 400 1.9
Pie dish+Pastry dough+Salmon+Tuna+Raw potato 978 1,090 112 0.53
Pie shell+Salmon+Tuna+Raw potato 935 1,090 155 0.74
Part admiral pie 1+Tuna+Raw potato 752 1,090 338 1.61
Part admiral pie 2+Raw potato 2,230 1,090 -1,140 -5.43
Raw admiral pie 4,514 1,090 -3,424 -16.3


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  • Admiral pie may have been inspired by the British Stargazy pie, a fish pie made in such a manner that the fishes' heads stick out through the crust.

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