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"Adamantite" redirects here. For the rock that adamantite ore is mined from, see Adamantite rock.
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Adamantite ore detail

Adamantite ore is obtained through the Mining skill in various places throughout RuneScape by mining Adamantite rocks. It can be smelted along with six coal (or three using the Blast Furnace) through the Smithing skill to form an Adamant bar (requires 70 smithing), which can then be smithed into various types of adamant weapons and armour.

Adamantite ore can be mined with a Mining level of 70 or higher, granting 95 Mining experience.

Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal demon982Uncommon
Abyssal demon (elite)1072Uncommon
Acheron mammoth1359–16Common
Adamant dragon1164Common
Adventurer's chestN/A7Unknown
Automaton Generator 84; 1154Uncommon
Automaton Guardian 84; 1154Uncommon
Automaton Tracer 84; 1154Uncommon
Blissful shadow1121–2Uncommon
Blue dragon741Uncommon
Brutish jadinko911Rare
Chaos Giant1268Uncommon
Cockroach soldier361Uncommon
Columbarium keyN/A1Common
Corporeal Beast785125Common
Crystal Shapeshifter1128Common
Crystal chestN/A10Always
Dark beast1056Uncommon
Dark beast (elite)1148–24Uncommon
Eclectic implingN/A10Rare
Elf warrior84; 891Uncommon
Falador resource bundleN/A1–10Unknown
Fire spiritN/A1Rare
General Graardor 210; 62415–20Common
Goblin statue701Uncommon
Greater reborn warrior822Unknown
Green dragon631Uncommon
Iorwerth workerN/A1Common
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed)821Common
Ivory Gromblod (cursed)821Common
Ivory Shredflesh (cursed)821Uncommon
Knight of Ardougne 33; 53; 851Uncommon
Lava strykewyrm1158–20Uncommon
Living rock protector921Uncommon
Living rock striker921Common
Magical chestN/A3–10Varies
Manifest shadow1262Uncommon
Mature grotworm983Common
Mighty banshee911Uncommon
Mourner33; 79; 84; 85; 861Uncommon
Ogre statue752Common
Ork statue711–5Common
Ourg statue793Uncommon
Queen Black Dragon90050Uncommon
Rare drop tableN/A180–220Uncommon

Mining locationsEdit

Main article: Adamantite ore rocks

Disassembly Edit

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Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Ore Store400Coins 250Coins 0Yes


  • Adamant and similar words like adamantite, adamantine (e.g., Virgil on the gate of Tartarus), and adamantium (e.g., Marvel Comics's Wolverine's skeleton) are used to refer to any especially hard substance, whether composed of diamond, some other gemstone, or some type of metal. Both adamant and diamond derive from the Greek word ἀδάμας (adamās), meaning "untameable".

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