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Adamant minotaur chathead

The Adamant minotaur is a level 76 Summoning familiar. It is summoned by using an Adamant minotaur pouch, and will give 8.6 Summoning experience for summoning it.

Adamant minotaur pouchEdit


Addy bull rush scrollEdit


Addy bull rush scroll (or Adamant bull rush scroll), the special move of the Adamant minotaur, can be activated with an Adamant bull rush scroll in the player's inventory. The special may inflict up to 1100+ damage and stun the opponent.

Bull Rush

A player using the Bull Rush attack (Applies to ALL minotaurs)



  • While wearing a helmet with horns on it (like Guthan's helm or Berserker helm), a hidden conversation can be started with the minotaur.

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