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Adamant ingot III detail

An adamant ingot III is an item used in the Artisans Workshop to make Smith's helm (adamant), Smith's chestplate (adamant), Smith's gauntlets (adamant), and Smith's boots (adamant). They can be made by using 4 adamantite ore and 22 coal on the smelter, you can also return any ingots to the Smelter for the full cost of the supplies. At current market prices, it costs 7,340 to make one of these.


Normal Double XP
Exp Cost/exp Exp Cost/exp
Base XP 568 12.92 1136 6.46
Suak[i 1] 624.8 11.75 1249.6 5.87
Quick Learner[i 2] 636.1 11.54 1272.2 5.77
Budding Student[i 2] 647.5 11.34 1295 5.67
Master Student[i 2] 653.1 11.24 1306.2 5.62
  1. ^ When following Suak's instructions.
  2. ^ a b c When having bought this reward and following Suak's instructions

Smithing with adamant ingot iii can yield over 200k smithing xp per hour.

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