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Adamant equipment is equipment stronger than mithril equipment, but weaker than rune equipment. As with all adamant items, they have a dark greenish colour. Interestingly enough, this armour is heavier than any other equipment, even rune. Therefore, it is recommended to move on to rune armour as soon as possible. The armour has decent stats, despite its weight. It has an advantage because of the huge price difference compared to rune. Because of this, many people choose adamant armour over rune when they go to PvP areas.


Adamant weapons require an Attack level of 40 to wield, but specific weapons also require various other stats to use (the halberd, for example, requires 15 Strength).
RS Classic Adamantite Weapons

Adamant Weapons as seen in RuneScape Classic.

Melee weaponsEdit


Item Price Members? Other requirements
Adamant dagger Adamant dagger 2,352 No None
Adamant hatchet Adamant hatchet 2,384 No 40 Attack to wield, 31 Woodcutting to use
Adamant mace Adamant mace 2,280 No None
Adamant claw Adamant claw 5,223 Yes None
Adamant sword Adamant sword 2,444 No None
Adamant longsword Adamant longsword 4,089 No None
Adamant scimitar Adamant scimitar 3,922 No None
Adamant spear Adamant spear 6,078 Yes None
Adamant warhammer Adamant warhammer 2,521 No None
Adamant battleaxe Adamant battleaxe 2,977 No None
Adamant 2h sword Adamant 2h sword 6,008 No None
Adamant halberd Adamant halberd 12,439 Yes 15 Strength
Adamant pickaxe Adamant pickaxe 4,519 No 40 Attack to wield, 31 Mining to use
Adamant cane Adamant cane 44,166 Yes None
Adamant hasta Adamant hasta 1,550 Yes None


Item Price Members? Other requirements
Off-hand adamant dagger Off-hand adamant dagger 405 No None
Off-hand adamant mace Off-hand adamant mace 808 No None
Off-hand adamant claw Off-hand adamant claw 4,778 Yes None
Off-hand adamant sword Off-hand adamant sword 2,100 No None
Off-hand adamant longsword Off-hand adamant longsword 3,538 No None
Off-hand adamant scimitar Off-hand adamant scimitar 3,431 No None
Off-hand adamant warhammer Off-hand adamant warhammer 2,348 No None
Off-hand adamant battleaxe Off-hand adamant battleaxe 3,798 No None

Ranged weaponsEdit


Item Price Members? Other requirements
Adamant crossbow Adamant crossbow 6,989 Yes None
Adamant 2h crossbow Adamant 2h crossbow 7,398 Yes None
Adamant bolts 5 Adamant bolts 207 Yes None
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrows 50 No None
Adamant brutal 5 Adamant brutal arrows 374 Yes Can only be used with a composite ogre bow.
Adamant dart Adamant dart 109 Yes None
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 66 No None
Adamant throwing axe Adamant throwing axe 434 Yes None
Adamant knife Adamant knife 483 Yes None


Item Price Members? Other requirements
Off-hand adamant crossbow Off-hand adamant crossbow 6,823 Yes None
Off-hand adamant dart Off-hand adamant dart 51 Yes None
Off-hand adamant throwing axe Off-hand adamant throwing axe 122 Yes None
Off-hand adamant knife Off-hand adamant knife 416 Yes None


Adamant armour set (lg) equipped

A female player wearing Full Adamant with platelegs.

Adamant armour (also known as addy armour or adam armour) is the third highest quality armour on the standard metal armour spectrum (bronze to dragon). Adamant armour requires 40 Defence to wear. Adamant armour also comes in silver and gold trimmed versions, both of which can be found from level 2 Treasure trails.

In the March 2012 Behind the scenes, it was announced that Adamant armour would receive a graphical update along with black-dragon equipment and various other armours.

RS Classic Adamantite Armour

Adamant armour as seen in RuneScape Classic.

Melee armourEdit

Item Price Members? Other requirements
Adamant helm Adamant helm 1,357 No None
Adamant sq shield Adamant sq shield 1,441 No None
Adamant full helm Adamant full helm 1,681 No None
Adamant chainbody Adamant chainbody 2,035 No None
Adamant kiteshield Adamant kiteshield 6,098 No None
Adamant berserker shield
Adamant berserker shield 0
Adamant berserker shield Fully charged: 100 Fist of Guthix tokens
Uncharged: 13,827
No 45 Defence
Adamant spikeshield
Adamant spikeshield 0
Adamant spikeshield Fully charged: 50 Fist of Guthix tokens
Uncharged: 4,186
No 45 Defence
Adamant platelegs Adamant platelegs 2,923 No None
Adamant plateskirt Adamant plateskirt 3,025 No None
Adamant platebody Adamant platebody 9,140 No None
Adamant boots Adamant boots 1,169 No None
Culinaromancer's gloves 7 Adamant gloves Untradeable, 2,500 from
Culinaromancer's Chest
Yes Completed 7 Recipe for Disaster sub-quests
Adamant gauntlets
Adamant gauntlets
Adamant gauntlets 2,229 No Unknown edit

Treasure TrailsEdit

Adamant armour (g) (lg) equipped

A player wearing a full adamant (g) set.

Ornamental and trimmed armour have identical statistics compared to regular adamant armour. Members can obtain the armour from treasure trails.





  • The word most probably comes from the word "adamantos," meaning "invincible." Interestingly, the word "diamond" also comes from this. It may also have come from the word "adamant," meaning as hard as rock.
  • In some Greek myths, it is believed that the mythic adamant is "unbreakable."
  • In Marvel comics, adamantite or adamantium is the strongest metal in the universe, so strong that it took Hulk days to break an adamant needle. Wolverine also has adamant in his bones and claws.
  • Adamant armour looks similar to proselyte armour in shape, but not in colour.
  • Adamant armour looks similar to Orcish Armour from the "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" (video game). It is similar in colour and shape.
  • The Evolution of Combat update changed the requirement to wear rune equipment from 40 to 50. Players who only had 40 defence just to wear rune equipment reverted to adamant equipment.

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