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Classic Runestone
Old School RuneScape icon
Adamant bar
Adamant bar
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members? No
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 384 coins
Low Alch 256 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 2,593 coins (info)
Buy limit 10,000
Examine It's a bar of adamant.
Weight 2.041 kg
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Adamant bar detail

An Adamant bar is a bar of refined adamantite ore. It can be created through the Smithing skill by using an adamantite ore and 6 pieces of coal on a furnace or by using the magic spell Superheat Item. Doing so grants 37.5 Smithing experience. The adamantite ore can be mined at Mining level 70, while coal can be mined at level 30 (or could be bought off another player or the Grand Exchange).

It costs Coins 1000 2,807 to manufacture one bar using materials bought off the Grand Exchange. One can expect a net gain of Coins 100 -214 each at current market prices. If the player is using Superheat Item, then the cost is Coins 1000 3,350, or Coins 1000 3,114 if a fire staff is used. Using the Blast Furnace to halve the coal required results in a cost of Coins 1000 2,084 and net gain of Coins 250 509.

Adamant is the heaviest of all ores and this type of bar is heavier than any other bar.

An adamant bar can be smithed on an anvil through the Smithing skill to create adamant weapons and armour, granting 62.5 Smithing experience per bar used. When an adamant bar is smelted and then forged into an item, the total experience per bar is 100, which is conveniently easy to remember. A list of adamant items that can be smithed from adamant bars and the Smithing levels required can be found here.

They may also be obtained as drop from aviansies, dark beasts, desert strykewyrm, black, bronze and iron dragons, abyssal, black and tormented demons and the tormented wraith. The fastest way to get them is by far aviansies. Many people do not mine adamantite ore to smelt it into bars, because of the high Mining level required and the fact that most mines lack large amounts of adamantite ore rocks. The Jatizso mine, however, contains many ore rocks, although the northern half of the mine is infested with aggressive Ice trolls.

Adamant bars are also the tertiary ingredient in infusing Adamant minotaur pouches.

Players may receive noted adamant bars from a box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion.


Adamant bar Adamant bar
Smithing-icon Make-X store icon Make-X GE icon Make-X alchemy icon -
37.5 xp 192 2,593 384 -
Smithing Smithing level 70
P2P icon Members only? No
Item Quantity Price Total
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 1 1,361 1,361
Coal Coal 6 241 1,446
Total price 2,807

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aviansie 128; 132; 136 4 (noted) Common
Black demon 140 1 (noted) Common
Corporeal Beast 210 35 (noted) Common
Iron dragon 140 2 Common
Tormented demon 170 3–7 (noted) Common
Celestial dragon 182 4 (noted) Common
Gladius 130 3–5 (noted) Uncommon
Ancient mage 148 1–4 (noted) Uncommon
Ancient ranger 148 2; 3 (noted) Uncommon
Ancient warrior 148 4 Uncommon
Black dragon 144 1–2 Uncommon
Dark beast 150 1 Uncommon
Desert strykewyrm 148 3 (noted) Uncommon
Frost dragon 160 3 (noted) Uncommon
Red dragon 120 1 Uncommon
Ferocious barbarian spirit 152 1 (noted) Uncommon
Tormented wraith 60 3 Uncommon
Airut 175 4–6 (noted) Uncommon
Bronze dragon 124 1 Rare
Dagannoth Rex 156 1 Rare
Blood reaver 147 1; 3 (noted) Very rare


  • The word "adamant(ite)" is abstracted form the Greek word "adamas" (also the root of the word "diamond") meaning "unconquerable," and refers to any strong metal.
  • For little more than half a year it was the strongest metal in Runescape Classic, being released in January 2001 while Runite wasn't released until August of the same year.
  • The name "adamantite bar" was changed to "adamant bar" in November 2010, because adamantite was the name of the ore, not the metal. The name of "Runite bar" was also changed to "Rune bar" for the same reason.

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