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Empty action bar

An empty action bar

The action bar is an interface that features numbered slots onto which various abilities, prayers, spells, emotes or items may be dragged. This allows the usage of the assigned ability or item quickly by simply clicking on it in the action bar rather than searching for it in its respective menu, or alternatively pressing the corresponding key on their keyboard if the option to do so has been enabled.

Status globesEdit

The top of the action bar consists of four status globes.

Life pointsEdit

Hitpoints icon

The globe will turn green if one is poisoned and flash if one has less than 20% of their maximum health remaining. One's current life points are displayed by the red bar adjacent to the globe.

If one has cure for poison in their inventory, they can click on the icon and will consume one dose of antipoison or the runes for a cure me spell. If one has different kinds of antipoison (such as regular antipoison and super antipoison), the highest level will be used (so in the above example, super antipoison would be used if the icon is clicked). If the prayer book from The Great Brain Robbery is possessed, however, the icon will not cure the poison; it will have to be used manually.

Auto-retaliate and adrenalineEdit


Crossed swords indicate that auto retaliate is on, while a single sword indicates auto retaliate is off. The percentage of adrenaline built up is displayed next to this icon as a yellow bar. Clicking the bar activates the weapon's special attack, if it has one.

Prayer pointsEdit

Prayer icon

This icon has the option to toggle quick prayers on and off. These quick prayers can be set by right-clicking the Prayer icon and choosing "select quick prayers" to open a menu which enables a player can choose which prayers they want activated when enabling quick prayer. If the player already has prayers on, toggling the quick prayers on will turn them off and turn on the quick prayers. If a player toggles the icon again, the prayers turn off. If a player turns on prayers without toggling the prayer icon, he or she can turn the prayers off completely by toggling the icon two times quickly. This is a good strategy to reduce prayer point usage. Remaining prayer points are displayed as a purple bar next to this globe.

Summoning pointsEdit

Summoning icon

By default, clicking the summoning globe will bring up the summoning interface. This can be changed by right-clicking, and selecting "choose left-click option." Remaining summoning points are displayed as a teal bar adjacent to this globe.

Action bar slotsEdit

Filled action bar

A filled action bar

Each action bar has 14 usable slots that the player can fill with items or skills. By using these slots, a player is able to easily find and select an ability that they would want to use. To use these abilities, the player only needs to press the corresponding key in the corner of the slot. (Note: In order for these 'shortcut keys' or 'hotkeys' to operate, the [Always-On Mode] button in the upper right corner of the chatbox must be set to {Off}.) These keys start out as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, - and =, but they can be changed by right clicking on the slot and selecting the "Customise Keybind" option, then selecting which key they would like to replace it with. The player can also just click on the ability's icon, to use the ability. The Quick Inventory slots (noted in the picture as having the keybind Z and X) by default are not bound to a key, these slots can be bound by the user under settings, or by right clicking.

To move abilities or inventory items to the Action Bar, simply drag any ability from the ability book, items from the inventory, prayer from the prayer list, or a few other choices. The Action Bar must be unlocked when attempting to drag skills from the skill book to the bar. To unlock the Action Bar, simply left or right click on the small lock icon, next to the Quick Inventory slots.


  • Abilities
  • Spells
  • Items
  • Equipment
  • Emotes
  • Prayers
  • Auras
  • Cure Poison button
  • Quick Prayers button
  • Summoning left-click option
  • Toggle Run

Other featuresEdit

Changing action barsEdit

A player can have up to ten different Action Bars saved if a member, three if a non-member. The bar can be changed by clicking on the left or right arrow to the left of the twelve slots. The current bar selected will show up between the two arrows. Another way to select a different bar is by holding Shift followed by the number of the bar you want (Shift+1, Shift+2, etc.) or by right clicking on the number. These keybindings can be changed in the Controls tab of the game settings.

Initially, members only have six action bars. Four additional action bars can be bought from Solomon's General Store for the price of 195 RuneCoins each. A quick way to purchase an action bar from within the game is to right-click on the action bar number and select "Buy action bar". Action bars used to be able to be purchased for 100,000 Loyalty Points.


The little gold 'lock' icon on the right of the action bar will lock or unlock the slots of the currently selected bar. If locked, the player will not be able to drag any items or abilities on the bar, and tooltips won't be shown. However, the player can still drag items/abilities onto the action bar to replace existing/empty slots. If the cursor is paused on an item when the bar is 'unlocked', a description of the item will pop-up. To avoid the pop-up's, simply lock the bar again.

Rubbish binEdit

The rubbish bin is found in the Combat Settings tab of the Powers ribbon, accessed by the F4 button, or by clicking the powers icon. A small yellow icon located to the right of the action bar is the rubbish bin.

To remove an icon from the action bar, drag it onto the rubbish bin or the game world. Alternatively, you can select 'clear all' from the right-click menu of the rubbish bin to remove all icons on your action bar.


Found in the top-right of the action bar, clicking this button will completely hide the action bar, or expand it if it's already hidden. Right-clicking the button gives the option to toggle weapon sheathing. If the action bar is minimised, then toggling weapon sheathing via the * key will not work. For those playing in Legacy mode, to toggle sheathe, click on the combat settings, then hover over the crossed sword icon top left. Click on this icon to toggle sheathe. When weapons are sheathed, the player will display skill level when moused-over; when unsheathed, players will show combat level.

Multiple action barsEdit

Empty additional action bar

An additional action bar

In Game Settings, one can enable up to four additional action bars, which can be placed anywhere on the interface and shaped like the original bar. Each bar will display one of those you have set up on your original bar, so these cannot be used to "save" more bars. Keybinds function like the original bar and are assigned in the Controls menu.


Sharing action bar

Following an update, players can share their action bars with each other. To share, the players need to be on each others' friend lists. To share, go into the powers menu, select the combat settings tab and click the share button beside the action bar at the bottom. The receiving player will then see a menu akin to the one on the right, and must click accept to accept the share.

Spells and abilities that the player has not unlocked will not show up on the action bar if someone else tries to share it.