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Acorn detail

An acorn is a seed which will grow into an oak tree once planted. Players must have at least level 15 Farming to plant it. Once grown, the resulting tree may be cut down using a hatchet to grant Woodcutting experience points and to gather oak logs. If a player does not dig up the stump, the tree will regrow. To dig up a stump, use a spade on it. Digging up the stump will yield oak roots and the tree patch will be cleared for growing another tree.

Acorns can be a surprising source of wealth, due to the oak roots resulting from digging up the tree. Unlike other common tree roots, which are usually dropped at first opportunity, oak roots can be used in brewing. If done correctly, players could make 93,475 coins per root if they manage to brew a keg of axeman's folly (m) at current prices.

This seed can be most easily obtained at the shop of Mrs. Winkin in exchange of 100 Vinesweeper points, or at the Grand Exchange. There is a chance that it can also be obtained through using the giant ent's scroll ability. These seeds are most commonly obtained and promptly discarded as a random reward from bird's nests and evil trees. Players can pay the local farmer one basket of tomatoes to watch the tree for you, and ensure it fully grows and does not become diseased.

Stage Description Image
Healthy Oak tree
1 The acorn sapling has only just been planted. Oak1
2 The acorn sapling grows larger. Oak2
3 The oak tree produces a small canopy. Oak3
4 The oak tree grows larger. Oak4
5 The oak tree is ready to harvest. Oak5


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