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The Acolytes of Seiryu are an order of monks found on Aminishi that worship the azure dragon, Seiryu. The Acolytes believe in spiritual enlightenment and purity, so they follow Seiryu because being a spirit of water, they believe that it is the "purest" of the four Wushanko guardians. They also believe that their bodies are impure and wish to cleanse themselves of this impurity.



Sotapanna are Seiryu initiates that start at the bottom of the enlightenment ladder. They follow The Path of the Monk, where they can only eat and drink from natural sources, and only until they are full. They also meditate rather than being physically fit and also visit the Urn of Cleanliness. All members cannot partake in violence unless their fellow brothers and sisters are being threatened. As they die of old age, they are given a Spirit dragon charm and proceed to the next step of spiritual enlightenment. According to Yulong, Sotapanna can converse with fellow Sotapanna.

Sakadagami are Seiryu monks that removed their "impure" bodies and greed. Sakadagami believe that before they can ascend to the next step of spiritual enlightenment, they must purify their minds. During this time, they take a vow of silence and continue on with their duties and steps to spiritual achievement. After an unknown time, they enter the spirit realm through the Well of Spirits where the dragon springs forth from them and they lose their consciousness.


Anagami are Seiryu monks that have purified their minds. They believe that in order to work for Seiryu, they must purify their soul before they can fully obtain spiritual enlightenment. They do not pray (believing that no one is worthier than them), idolise idols (believing that they are false) and do not believe in the unknown. When they have done all of this, they enter the Well of Spirits again, with their accumulated dragon charms allowing them to stay there indefinitely and becoming Arhat.