Raids is a subcategory of achievements that was released on 13 July 2015. Completing all of these achievements awards the player the title the Daredevil.

Achievements in this categoryEdit

Name Members Description
All Together Now Yes Defeat all four images of Yakamaru within ten seconds of one another.
Animal Cruelty Yes Have Durzag deal the killing blow to both Tuz and Krar.
Better Not Touch Yes Defeat Yakamaru with all but one member of the raid still poisoned.
Day at the Aquarium Yes Defeat Yakamaru with one durable jellyfish and one reflecting jellyfish still alive.
Day at the Pound Yes Defeat Durzag without opening any of the charger cages in the arena walls.
Gong Maintenance Expert Yes Defeat Durzag with all gongs repaired but unused.
Hero of the Goebies Yes Complete all of the Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru achievements listed.
How To Make Friends and Influence People Yes Use asphyxiate on Yakamaru's north pool and have the whole raid survive.
One More Couldn't Hurt... Yes Defeat Durzag without killing Cormes.
Prison Break Yes Have at least one goebie survive the fight with Durzag.
Rewind Yes After defeating all of the images of Yakamaru, allow the boss to consume a Durable Jellyfish.

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