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Achievements (also known as Tasks and previously known as Achievement Diaries) are challenges that players may complete in order to earn rewards. The Achievements system consists of Achievements grouped under skills, areas, PvM, and completionist categories. As of 22 September 2017, there are 1,662 achievements.

The Achievements systemEdit

To access the Achievements system, players should click on the Hero Hero interface icon icon in their interface. In Legacy-mode you'll need to click the Settings-icon to access this. Doing so will bring up the Hero interface. By opening the Achievements tab, a player can view an overview of the Achievements (including the Path System), list of all Achievements and a tracker for Achievements.

Skills AchievementsEdit

The skills Achievements lists milestones in each of the skills. The last Achievement in all skills is reaching level 99, except for Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Invention that continue until level 120. Additionally, the Divination tutorial achievements can be found in this category.

Exploration AchievementsEdit

The Exploration Achievements are based around various areas of the game, asking players to complete a variety of tasks around these zones. Almost all of the sub-categories in this category offer special rewards for completing a meta-achievement: a special wearable item, experience lamps, and various bonuses in the specific area. Additionally, most Achievements in this category are split into one of five difficulty types: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Elite.

Only Lumbridge has a beginner level and no elite level, since it was the original starting area. These are the latest iteration of the original "Achievement Diaries".

There are currently 49 meta-achievements in the Exploration category.

Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Ardougne Set Tasks Easy Given by Doctor Orbon in Ardougne Church for completing all Easy Tasks in Ardougne 5
Medium Given by the town crier in East Ardougne's market for completing all Medium Tasks in Ardougne. 10
Hard Given by Aleck in Yanille for completing all Hard Tasks in Ardougne. 20
Elite Given by Aleck in Yanille for completing all Elite Tasks in Ardougne. 25
Desert Set Tasks Easy Given by Grand Vizier Hassan in Al Kharid Palace for completing all Easy Desert Tasks. 5
Medium Given by Zahur in Nardah for completing all Medium Desert Tasks. 10
Hard Given by Ali the Mayor in Pollnivneach for completing all Hard Desert Tasks. 15
Elite Given by the Golem in Uzer for completing all Elite Desert Tasks. 25
Daemonheim Set Tasks Easy Given by Drangund, the Dungeoneering Tutor, in the camp for completing all Easy Tasks in Daemonheim. 5
Medium Given by Marmaros, the Rewards Trader, in the camp for completing all MediumTasks in Daemonheim. 10
Hard Given by Talsar in the camp for completing all Hard Tasks in Daemonheim. 15
Elite Given by Thok in the camp for completing all Elite Tasks in Daemonheim. 25
Falador Set Tasks Easy Given by Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim for completing all Easy Tasks in Falador. 5
Medium Given by the chemist in Rimmington for completing all Medium Tasks in Falador. 10
Hard Given by Sir Vyvin's squire in Falador for completing all Hard Tasks in Falador. 15
Elite Given by Sir Vyvin's squire in Falador for completing all Elite Tasks in Falador. 25
Fremennik Set Tasks Easy Given by the council workman on the bridge south of Rellekka for completing all Easy Tasks in the Fremennik Province. 5
Medium Given by Yrsa in Rellekka for completing all Medium Tasks in the Fremennik Province. 10
Hard Given by Advisor Ghrim in Miscellania for completing all Hard Tasks in the Fremennik Province. 15
Elite Given by Advisor Ghrim in Miscellania for completing all Elite Tasks in the Fremennik Province. 25
Karamja Set Tasks Easy Given by Pirate Jackie the Fruit outside Brimhaven Agility Arena for completing all Easy Tasks in Karamja. 5
Medium Given by Kaleb Paramaya in Shilo Village for completing all Medium Tasks in Karamja. 10
Hard Given by any jungle forester north of Kharazi Jungle for completing all Hard Tasks in Karamja. 15
Elite Given by any jungle forester north of Kharazi Jungle for completing all Elite Tasks in Karamja. 25
Lumbridge Set Tasks Beginner Given by Explorer Jack in Lumbridge for completing all Beginner Tasks in Lumbridge. 5
Easy Given by Bob in Lumbridge for completing all Easy Tasks in Lumbridge. 5
Medium Given by Ned in Draynor Village for completing all Medium Tasks in Lumbridge. 10
Hard Given by Ned in Draynor Village for completing all Hard Tasks in Lumbridge. 15
Morytania Set Tasks Easy Given by Hiylik Myna, east of Paterdomus, for completing all Easy Tasks in Morytania. 5
Medium Given by Robin east of Paterdomus, for completing all Medium Tasks in Morytania. 10
Hard Given by the Strange Old Man, at the Barrows, for completing all Hard Tasks in Morytania. 15
Elite Given by Old Man Ral, in Meiyerditch, for completing all Elite Tasks in Morytania. 25
Seer's Village Set Tasks Easy Given by any seer in Seers' Village for completing all Easy Tasks in Seers' Village. 5
Medium Given by Stankers at the coal mine west of Seers' Village for completing all Medium Tasks in Seers' Village. 15
Hard Given by Sir Kay in Camelot Castle for completing all Hard Tasks in Seers' Village. 15
Elite Given by Sir Kay in Camelot Castle for completing all Elite Tasks in Seers' Village. 25
Tirannwn Set Tasks Easy Given by the elf tracker near the Tirannwn lodestone for completing all Easy Tirannwn Tasks. 5
Medium Given by Gwir in Lletya for completing all Medium Tirannwn Tasks. 10
Hard Given by Arianwyn in the Cadarn District for completing all Hard Tirannwn Tasks. 15
Elite Given by Elen at the Max Guild for completing all Elite Tirannwn Tasks. 25
Varrock Set Tasks Easy Given by Rat Burgiss south of Varrock for completing all Easy Tasks in Varrock. 5
Medium Given by Reldo in Varrock Palace's library for completing all Medium Tasks in Varrock. 10
Hard Given by Vannaka in Edgeville Dungeon for completing all Hard Tasks in Varrock. 15
Elite Given by Vannaka in Edgeville Dungeon for completing all Elite Tasks in Varrock. 25
Wilderness Set Tasks Easy The rewards for this task set are given by Mr Ex, north of Edgeville bank. 5
Medium The rewards for this task set are given by Mandrith, in Edgeville bank. 10
Hard The rewards for this task set are given by Quercus, at the ditch north of the Grand Exchange. 15
Elite The rewards for this task set are given by Kolodion, in the Mage Arena bank. 25
The Pyramid Scheme Complete all achievements within Menaphos. 50


Ardougne Tasks
Main article: Ardougne Tasks


Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Castles in the Sky Visit your or another clan's citadel. 0
A Wizard Did It Talk to the wizard Avalani within a clan citadel. 0
Faceless and Ready Talk to the battlemaster of a clan citadel. 0
Citadelementary View the main interface within a clan citadel. 0


Desert task set icon
Main article: Desert Tasks


Daemonheim Tasks
Main article: Daemonheim Tasks


Falador Tasks
Main article: Falador Tasks


Fremennik Tasks


Karamja Tasks
Main article: Karamja Tasks


Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Lodestone Network Unlock all of the Lodestones. 0
Lodestone Network Free Area Unlock all of the Free to Play Lodestones. 0
Lodestone Network Members Area Unlock all of the Members Lodestones. 0
Al Kharid Unlock the Lodestone in Al Kharid. 0
Ardougne Unlock the Lodestone in Ardougne. 0
Ashdale Unlock the Lodestone in Ashdale. 0
Bandit Camp Unlock the Lodestone in the Bandit Camp. 0
Burthorpe Unlock the Lodestone in Burthorpe. 0
Canifis Unlock the Lodestone in Canifis. 0
Catherby Unlock the Lodestone in Catherby. 0
Draynor Unlock the Lodestone in Draynor. 0
Eagle's Peak Unlock the Lodestone at Eagle's Peak. 0
Edgeville Unlock the Lodestone in Edgeville. 0
Falador Unlock the Lodestone in Falador. 0
Fremennik Province Unlock the Lodestone in the Fremennik Province. 0
Karamja Unlock the Lodestone in on Karamja. 0
Lumbridge Unlock the Lodestone in Lumbridge. 0
Lunar Isle Unlock the Lodestone in Lunar Isle. 0
Oo'glog Unlock the Lodestone near Oo'glog. 0
Port Sarim Unlock the Lodestone in Port Sarim. 0
Prifddinas Unlock the Lodestone in Prifddinas. 0
Seers' Village Unlock the Lodestone in Seers' Village. 0
Taverley Unlock the Lodestone in Taverley. 0
Tirannwn Unlock the Lodestone in Tirannwn. 0
Varrock Unlock the Lodestone in Varrock. 0
Wilderness Volcano Unlock the Lodestone near the Wilderness Volcano. 0
Yanille Unlock the Lodestone in Yanille. 0
Menaphos Unlock the Lodestone in Menaphos. 0


Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks


Menaphos task set icon
Main article: Menaphos Tasks


Morytania task set icon
Main article: Morytania Tasks

Seers' VillageEdit

Seers' Village Tasks
Main article: Seers' Village Tasks


Tirannwn Tasks
Main article: Tirannwn Tasks


Varrock task
Main article: Varrock Tasks


Wilderness Tasks
Main article: Wilderness Tasks

Combat AchievementsEdit

The Combat Achievements are grouped into six subcategories, with two meta achievements.

Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Final Boss Get 5,000 total kills and kill each of the following bosses 100 times.
  • Who's the Boss? VI
  • General Mayhem VI
  • Zilly Way To Die VI
  • Three Heads Are Deader Than One VI
  • Mole Removal VI
  • Along Came a Spider VI
  • Bug Swatter VI
  • Vindictive and Vexatious VI
  • Fast and Furious VI
  • eLeMeNtAl kIlL cHaOs VI
  • Hardly a Challenge VI
  • Barrowed Power VI
  • Come And Have Vorago VI
  • Nex Pls VI
  • Yak and Ruin VI
  • Bird is the Word VI
  • Kill K'ril VI
  • Corporeal Punishment VI
  • Loot Pinata VI
  • Descension VI
  • Dagannoth For Everyone
  • Telos Where It Hurts VI
  • This Helwyr In VI
  • Gregorgeous VI
  • Living On a Prayer Switch VI
  • Something Barrowed VI
  • Bug Zapper VI
  • Brass Nex VI
  • Master of Beatings VI
Insane Final Boss Get Final Boss Achievement, all boss pets and kill each boss in Hard mode 100 times. 0

Solo PvMEdit

All achievements in this subcategory must be done in a solo Instance, where applicable. The King Black Dragon tasks form an exception, however.

Achievement Boss Description RuneScore Notes
All Aboard Kree'arra Defeat Kree'arra after allowing him to push you from one wall to another with his wing knockback. 30
Baroo Quality Dagannoth Kings Defeat a Dagannoth King whilst wearing full yak-hide armour and a Fremennik round shield. 35
Bring It All Back Twin Furies Defeat the Twin Furies using fury blades. 40
Brothers In Arms Barrows Brothers Defeat each of the Barrows Brothers, Akrisae and Linza, dealing the killing blow with their own weapon. 20 The weapon has to be equipped during the dying animation; it need not be used for the entire fight.
Burn, Fury, Burn Twin Furies Defeat the Twin Furies without dealing damage during their channelled bomb attack. 40
Changing Of The Guard King Black Dragon Defeat the King Black Dragon while wearing black dragonhide in five equipment slots. 20 This requires a coif, body, chaps, non-spiky vambraces, and a shield. This means that an anti-dragon shield cannot be used.
Classic Dragon Killing Gorvek and Vindicta Defeat Gorvek and Vindicta whilst having a charged dragonfire shield equipped. 40
Coursing Through You Telos Defeat Telos while taking the full damage of the virus in the fifth phase. 70
Dagannoth Traffic Wardens Dagannoth Kings Defeat the Dagannoth Supreme with each different colour variation of Balmung. 40
Double Swoop Kree'arra Defeat all of Kree'arra's lieutenants (Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin, and Wingman Skree) twice before defeating Kree'arra. 40
Fist Contact General Graardor Defeat General Graardor using only your fists. 50 Goliath gloves are allowed. Using Legacy Mode may be useful as abilities cannot be used anyway.
Floor Is Larval Queen Black Dragon Defeat Queen Black Dragon after killing 30 grotworms during the fight. 50 It is highly recommended to allow the dragon to cough up some ten worms each time a phase is completed; saving all of them for one intermission results in high and rapid damage from the artefacts.
Glutton For Punishment Corporeal Beast Get the Corporeal Beast to devour a variety of delicious familiars. 30 This does not have to be done in an instance.
Good Enough For A Goblin Corporeal Beast Defeat Corporeal Beast using only a bronze spear. 40
Graardone General Graardor Defeat General Graardor in under 15 seconds. 40
Hail To The Queen Kalphite Queen Defeat two Kalphite Guardians whilst fighting Kalphite Queen and then defeat her. 20
I Got This Legiones Defeat each of the six Legiones consecutively without leaving the Ascension dungeon. 40
In The Spirit Of Things Gregorovic Defeat Gregorovic without dealing any damage to his spirits. 60
K'rilow K'ril Tsutsaroth Defeat K'ril with a willow weapon. 40 Possible weapons include willow shortbows, blackjacks, longbows, composite bows and iron crossbows.
K'ril Will Be Done K'ril Tsutsaroth Defeat K'ril after he slams through your prayers 3 times. 30
Like A Boss Goblin Raids Kill a boss goblin in the Goblin Village. 5
Loyal Subject King Black Dragon Get the King Black Dragon to fully degrade a mole anti-dragon shield. 20 He only has to deplete the final charge.
Lumbridge Strikes Back Araxxi Defeat Araxxor and Araxxi whilst wearing bronze armour on your head, torso and legs, and a bronze weapon in your main hand. 75
Naturist Chaos Elemental Allow the Chaos Elemental to unequip something you're wearing. (5/5) 15
Safety Dance Queen Black Dragon Avoid being damaged by twenty of the Queen Black Dragon's fire waves without defeat. 50 These have to be consecutive. It is most easily completed by stalling in the first phase, as this phase has the fewest mechanics.
Stand Your Ground Legiones Defeat each of the six Legiones without moving. 50
Stuffed With Anima Telos Defeat Telos (on 100%+ enrage) after letting him reach a full anima bar in all 5 phases. 55
Sunshine Through The Rain Commander Zilyana Defeat Hard Mode Commander Zilyana whilst under the effects of her cloud attack and the Sunshine ability. 40 This has to be done in hard mode.
Telos if you're angry I Telos Defeat Telos at 50% enrage. 5
Telos if you're angry II Telos Defeat Telos at 100% enrage. 5
Telos if you're angry III Telos Defeat Telos at 250% enrage. 5
Telos if you're angry IV Telos Defeat Telos at 500% enrage. 5
Telos if you're angry V Telos Defeat Telos at 750% enrage. 5
Telos if you're angry VI Telos Defeat Telos at 1000% enrage. 5
They All Fell Down Dagannoth Kings Defeat the Dagannoth Kings all within 5 seconds of each other. 40
Through The Fire And Flames Queen Black Dragon Kill the Queen Black Dragon with a royal crossbow. 30
Traitorous Commander Zilyana Defeat Commander Zilyana whilst wearing a full set of proselyte armour. 30 This includes a sallet, cuisse or tasset, and hauberk.
Unionised Helwyr Defeat Helwyr whilst wearing the full Prifddinian worker's outfit. 40 Outfit must be worn for entire fight.
Wolf Pack Helwyr Defeat Helwyr whilst there are 4 Cywir Alphas still alive. 70

Group PvMEdit

Achievement Requirement Description RuneScore
Best Offence Kalphite King Defeat the Kalphite King after triggering his Immortality and then defeat him again. 50
Brothers In More Arms Rise of the Six Defeat Rise of the Six on six different occasions, leaving a different brother to last.
  • Karil
  • Verac
  • Guthan
  • Dharok
  • Torag
  • Ahrim
Classic Rock Vorago Defeat Vorago without using any defensive abilities. 60
Hungry Hungry Reavers Nex: Angel of Death Defeat Nex: Angel of Death without any of the group damaging any of the Blood reavers. 75
Matricide Nex Defeat Nex while accompanied by each of the nihil followers. 50
Never Eat Silk Worms Kalphite King Get charged by the Kalphite King to each side of the arena and then defeat him. 40
Next To No Power Nex Defeat Nex without the use of prayers by anyone in the group. 65
Who's Your Daddy? Vorago Defeat Vorago whilst holding your pet rock for the whole kill. 50

Boss PetsEdit

Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Chick'arra Unlock the Chick'arra pet 0
K'ril Tinyroth Unlock the K'ril Tinyroth pet 0
General Awwdor Unlock the General Awwdor pet 0
Commander Miniana Unlock the Commander Miniana pet 0
Nexterminator Unlock the Nexterminator pet 0
Barry Unlock the Barry pet 0
Mallory Unlock the Mallory pet 0
Ahrim Bobblehead Unlock the Ahrim bobblehead pet 0
Dharok Bobblehead Unlock the Dharok bobblehead pet 0
Guthan Bobblehead Unlock the Guthan bobblehead pet 0
Karil Bobblehead Unlock the Karil bobblehead pet 0
Torag Bobblehead Unlock the Torag bobblehead pet 0
Verac Bobblehead Unlock the Verac bobblehead pet 0
Ellie Unlock the Ellie pet 0
Corporeal Puppy Unlock the Corporeal Puppy pet 0
Molly Unlock the Molly pet 0
TzRek-Jad Unlock the TzRek-Jad pet 0
Shrimpy Unlock the Shrimpy pet 0
Kalphite Grubling Unlock the Kalphite Grubling pet 0
Kalphite Grublet Unlock the Kalphite Grublet pet 0
Kalphite Grublet (Flying) Unlock the Kalphite Grublet (Flying) pet 0
King Black Dragonling Unlock the King Black Dragonling pet 0
Legio Primulus Unlock the Legio Primulus pet 0
Legio Secundulus Unlock the Legio Secundulus pet 0
Legio Tertiolus Unlock the Legio Tertiolus pet 0
Legio Quartulus Unlock the Legio Quartulus pet 0
Legio Quintulus Unlock the Legio Quintulus pet 0
Legio Sextulus Unlock the Legio Sextulus pet 0
Queen Black Dragonling Unlock the Queen Black Dragonling pet 0
Prime Hatchling Unlock the Prime Hatchling pet 0
Rex Hatchling Unlock the Rex Hatchling pet 0
Supreme Hatchling Unlock the Supreme Hatchling pet 0
Vindiddy Unlock the Vindiddy pet 0
Rawrvek Unlock the Rawrvek pet 0
Nylessa Unlock the Nylessa pet 0
Ava Unlock the Ava pet 0
Lilwyr Unlock the Lilwyr pet 0
Greg Unlock the Greg pet 0
Minister Unlock the Minister pet 0
Tess Unlock the Tess pet 0
Vitalis Unlock the Vitalis pet 0
Bombi Unlock the Bombi pet 0
Reeves Unlock the Reeves pet 0
Diddyzag Unlock the Diddyzag pet 0
Yakaminu Unlock the Yakaminu pet 0
Mega Ducklings Unlock the Mega ducklings pet 0

Boss KillsEdit

The boss kill achievements are a series of 6 achievements for each boss, awarding a 5 runescore achievement incrementing up at 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100. In addition, the "Who's the Boss?" achievements record the total number of boss kills.


The raids Achievements consist of the following:

Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Hero of the Goebies Complete all of the Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru achievements listed.
  • One more couldn't hurt...
  • Prison break
  • Day at the pound
  • Animal cruelty
  • Gong maintenance expert
  • Better not touch
  • Day at the aquarium
  • How to make friends and influence people
  • All together now
  • Rewind
Cormes and Goes Defeat Durzag without killing Cormes. 50
Prison Break Have at least one Goebie survive the fight with Durzag. 50
Day at the Pound Defeat Durzag without opening any of the charger cages in the arena walls. 60
Animal Cruelty Have Durzag deal the killing blow to both Tuz and Krar. 60
Gong Maintenance Expert Defeat Durzag with all gongs repaired but unused. 50
Better Not Touch Defeat Yakamaru with all but one member of the raid still poisoned. 65
Day at the Aquarium Defeat Yakamaru with one durable jellyfish and one reflecting jellyfish still alive. 50
Make Friends and Influence People Use Asphyxiate on Yakamaru's north pool and have the whole raid survive. 50
All Together Now Defeat all four images of Yakamaru within ten seconds of one another. 70
Rewind After defeating all of the images of Yakamaru, allow the boss to consume a Durable Jellyfish. 60


Achievement Requirement RuneScore
Bone I Fired Defeat the Skeletal Horror whilst wielding Zanik's crossbow and using bone bolts. 10
Order Of Slayers Complete a task from each Slayer Master consecutively, starting with Spria and ending with Morvran. 30
Shattering Worlds I Complete world 10 in Shattered Worlds. 5
Shattering Worlds II Complete world 25 in Shattered Worlds. 5
Shattering Worlds III Complete world 50 in Shattered Worlds. 5
Shattering Worlds IV Complete world 100 in Shattered Worlds. 5
Shattering Worlds V Complete world 150 in Shattered Worlds. 5
Shattering Worlds VI Complete world 200 in Shattered Worlds. 5


Achievement Requirement RuneScore Notes
A-Voiding Conflict Win a Pest Control game after repairing all barricades to full. 25 The easiest way to get this achievement is using the novice lander. It is possible even with the minimum of five people, by having one person stationed at each portal, destroying the first three as soon as possible and repairing all broken barricades and gates in its vicinity, and the last person to defend the knight and the main gate. The fourth portal should then only be destroyed once everything has been repaired, but beware of spawning splatters and ravagers.
Altar Explorer Play a round of The Great Orb Project on each different altar map. 10 A round at each altar has to be completed; the altar need not be won.
Beggars Can't Be Choosers Feed the survivor in the Temple Trekking scenario only Great gunkan or Great maki to progress. 5 Any difficulty of the campers encounter will work.
Careful, There Are Snakes Loot 20 urns in a single run of Pyramid Plunder without disturbing a snake. 20 The lootings have to be consecutive. The best strategy is to first search all urns in room 1, charm the snakes with a snake charm, loot urns, and repeat the process in room 2.
Claymation Fully exhaust all gathering plots in a Stealing Creation match. 20 This includes class 1 fragments.
Disowned Defeat Vanstrom Klause in the Dominion Tower whilst wielding a reforged Sunspear and full set of House Drakan outfit. 40 He can be defeated in any mode with any combination of handicaps, if any at all. Rumble might be an exception.[source needed]
It's Not Called Surging Tombs Complete all objectives solo in Shifting Tombs without using Surge, Escape or Bladed Dive. 15
Little Leaguer Score a goal in Gnome Ball. 10
Magister Smagister Obtain 100 Soul fragments within Soul Wars and offer them all at once to the Soul obelisk. 20
Seeing Lava Use your Fire cape on TzTok-Jad before defeating them. 25
Source of Denial Pick fruit from a Sq'irk tree in the Sorceress's Garden without stopping. 10 One has to start right beyond the entrance gate and pick a fruit from the tree without stopping. Running is imperative, and it is done most easily in the winter garden.
TokHaar-Mok Defeat TokHaar-Hok in the Fight Cauldron minigame using only Obsidian equipment. 25
Varrock Calls For Aid! Light all 14 Beacons without using any of the Log storage boxes. 20
Going Down With The Ship Let the ship take on 8 leaks before patching them up fully and succesfully completing Fishing Trawler. 15 This requires at least three people. The best strategy is to allow eight leaks to appear right at the beginning and then finishing the game as usual.
What Year Is It? Ice Barrage 99 times in Castle Wars. 20 This need not be in a single match. Using Legacy Mode is the most reliable way of doing this.
Who Do Broodoo? Defeat each different type of Broodoo victim whilst wearing their coloured mask. 10 The victims are most common from dense jungle. The masks have to be worn when they die.
You're It Tag 30 correct pillars in a row successfully in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. 20 This includes the first pillar, which gives no ticket. It is wise to immediately move towards the centre of the arena after tagging a distant pillar to avoid missing the next.
Unlucky For Some In Vinesweeper, dig up 13 potato seeds. 10 The seeds have to be dug up, not flagged. This will result in a small points penalty.


Achievement Requirement RuneScore Notes
Going For A Punt Ride a Waka Canoe from Lumbridge to the Wilderness whilst wearing a Straw Boater. 10 Any colour of boater will work. As there is no immediate way back, bring no items you are willing to lose.
Open Bar Speak to the Drunken Dwarf whilst carrying 28 different ales. 5 Most mature and non-mature ales, except for beer in a tankard and keg of beer need to be carried, see also here for a complete list. The drunken dwarf is the one in Keldagrim, not the former random event.
Second Shrubbery Attempt to locate the mightiest tree in the forest. 10 Use a (raw) herring on any tree, except for the Grand Tree.
Seven Colours In Their Hat Show the Wise Old Man your chromatic partyhat. 50 The cosmetic override version also works.
Great Gielinor Run Without use of teleportation or a limited amount of transportation's, make your way from Tyras Camp to Castle Drakan. 50 Speak to Linford at the camp, and run or walk to Sentinel Plaguemanst. Agility shortcuts can be used, but the Temple Trekking ones cannot, nor is passage through the Meiyerditch Laboratories allowed. See here for a more extensive route.


Feats are a hidden category of achievements under the Miscellaneous category awarded for completing a Boss collection log for a given boss. A title is awarded for each completed log.

Completionist AchievementsEdit

The Completionist Achievements lists the achievements for the completionist cape, trimmed completionist cape, and the master quest cape.


The first achievement set (Karamja) was released on 8 May 2007. It was originally named an Achievement Diary and had three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The interface resembled that of the quest list and was actually a sub-menu of the Quest Tab. As with quests, each diary turned green once completed. Achievement diaries were later split into a separate interface tab, merged into the Noticeboard tab, and eventually put in the Hero interface in the New Interface System.

A total of six more Achievement Diaries were later released. The Ardougne Tasks, released on 20 October 2009, was the first set to have a fourth difficulty level, Elite. Elite Tasks were added to most other areas on 7 September 2010.

On 24 November 2010, the system of Achievement Diaries was changed into the Task system. The interface was redesigned, extra rewards were added, and more tasks (not considered to be part of the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks set) were released for the Lumbridge area, meant as an introduction to the Tasks system for new players. Since then, more tasks have been periodically added to this generic set. Many of these "Miscellaneous" tasks are very simple to complete (e.g. Use the "Run" feature) and as such have a Beginner difficulty level.

On 19 September 2012 the Task System was renamed Achievements.

On 18 April 2017 the interface was reworked to include the skills, PvM, and completionist Achievements too instead of just area Achievements.

On 29 August 2017 the interface was further reworked, adding a new system called RuneScore to track your achievement progress, adding new categories and achievements, and fixing numerous complaints with the previous overhaul.


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