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"Task" redirects here. For the process of killing monsters assigned by a Slayer master, see Slayer assignment.
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Achievements (also known as Tasks and previously known as Achievement Diaries) are small challenges that players may complete in order to earn rewards. The Achievement system consists of Tasks that are usually tied to a specific area and are meant to test the player's knowledge about that area. There are currently thirteen areas that have Tasks to complete.

The Tasks of each area are split into five categories, based on their difficulty. The easiest tasks usually do not require any skill levels to complete, but most higher level tasks require the player to have high skill levels and difficult quests completed, as well as in-depth knowledge of a particular area within RuneScape, such as the TzHaar Fight Caves. With the exception of the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks, the Tasks are for members only, as many tasks involve members' skills or quests. A small number of the Varrock and Falador Tasks can be done as a non-member, but the task set will not be 'completed' unless the player is a member. With the release of the Wilderness Tasks, there are 690 tasks in total. Once a player has completed all tasks, he/she may be required to lobby for the achievements to be registered as completed.


The first achievement set (Karamja) was released on 8 May 2007. It was originally named an Achievement Diary and had three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The interface resembled that of the quest list and was actually a sub-menu of the Quest Tab. As with quests, each diary turned green once completed. Achievement diaries were later split into a separate interface tab, merged into the Noticeboard tab, and eventually put in the Hero interface in RuneScape 3.

A total of six more Achievement Diaries were later released. The Ardougne Tasks, released on 20 October 2009, was the first set to have a fourth difficulty level, Elite. Elite Tasks were added to most other areas on 7 September 2010.

On 24 November 2010, the system of Achievement Diaries was changed into the Task system. The interface was redesigned, extra rewards were added, and more tasks (not considered to be part of the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks set) were released for the Lumbridge area, meant as an introduction to the Tasks system for new players. Since then, more tasks have been periodically added to this generic set. Many of these "Miscellaneous" tasks are very simple to complete (e.g. Use the "Run" feature) and as such have a Beginner difficulty level.

On 19 September 2012 the Task System was renamed Achievements.

The Task systemEdit

To access the Task system, players should click on the Hero Hero interface icon icon in their interface. In Legacy-mode you'll need to click the Settings-icon to access this. Doing so will bring up the Hero interface. By opening the Achievement tab, a player can view a list of all tasks in their current area. They are broken down into five colour-coded difficulty levels, from Beginner to Elite Tasks. The Burthorpe/Taverley set only contains Beginner Tasks. The Lumbridge/Draynor set contains Beginner to Hard Tasks. All other sets contain Easy to Elite tasks.

  • Blue – Beginner
  • Green – Easy
  • Red – Medium
  • White – Hard
  • Purple – Elite
  • Lock icon – You lack one or more prerequisites to complete this task
  • + – Pinned task to refer to it from the side window (right click to pin/unpin)
  • Check mark – Completed task

Players can view Tasks of another area by selecting a different area in the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the interface. In the Task list the player can also see the total amount of Tasks they have completed, and filter out Tasks they don't have the requirements for yet or that are not part of an area set.

Hero (Achievements) interface

The Task list

When the player hovers their pointer over a Task, its name will be displayed. The player can click on a Task to see more information about it, including a detailed description of the Task, the rewards that will be earned upon completion, the requirements needed to complete the Task, and in some cases a hint about how to complete it. Here, players may also select to 'pin' the Task. A pinned Task will always be displayed in their Tasks side interface, wherever they are. Since the 31 January 2012 update, pinned Tasks also appear in a small window on the left side of the screen. Currently only one Task can be pinned. Attempting to pin a different Task will automatically unpin the player's prior choice.

Tasks that are part of an area task set have the Task map icon icon next to them. Completion of all of a particular area's easiest grade of area tasks enables players to claim a Magic lamp, claim a unique wearable item for that area that has special abilities, and unlock extra benefits from resources in that area. Completion of each subsequent grade of tasks upgrades the wearable item, unlocks better benefits, and provides more lamps. Tasks that lack the Task map icon are not part of the area tasks and do not need to be completed to gain these benefits. These other miscellaneous tasks generally give small cash rewards that can be collected from Explorer Jack. Following the update on 3 December, cash rewards were added directly into the money pouch, though other rewards still needed to be claimed from Explorer Jack.

Task complete side popup

The pop up that appears when a task is completed

When a Task is completed, players will be informed in the chat interface, and that particular Task will be struck out in the journal. A popup at the top of the screen will also inform the player that the Task is completed. These popups may be disabled from the Task list.

If 350 Tasks are completed, the player will unlock the music track The Task at Hand. If all tasks are completed, including those that are not part of an area set, the player will unlock the Taskmaster emote.

There currently is no Task Tutor, although many NPCs, such as Sir Vant in the former tutorial, have mentioned one.

List of TasksEdit

There are 13 Task areas at the moment, with 43 Taskmasters:

Task area Taskmasters
Ardougne Tasks Easy: Dr Orbon
Medium: Town crier
Hard: Aleck
Burthorpe and Taverley Tasks Orla Fairweather
Daemonheim Tasks Easy: Dungeoneering tutor
Medium: Marmaros
Hard: Talsar
Elite: Thok of Daemonheim
Desert Tasks Easy: Grand Vizier Hassan
Medium: Zahur
Hard: Ali the Mayor
Elite: Clay golem
Falador Tasks Easy: Redbeard Frank
Medium: Chemist
Hard and Elite: Squire Asrol
Fremennik Province Tasks Easy: Council workman
Medium: Yrsa
Hard and Elite: Advisor Ghrim
Karamja Tasks Easy: Pirate Jackie the Fruit
Medium: Kaleb Paramaya
Hard and Elite: Jungle forester
Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks Beginner: Explorer Jack
Easy: Bob
Medium and Hard: Ned
Morytania Tasks Easy: Hiylik Myna
Medium: Robin
Hard: Strange Old Man
Elite: Old Man Ral
Seers' Village Tasks Easy: Seer
Medium: Stankers
Hard and Elite: Sir Kay
Tirannwn Tasks Easy: Elf Tracker
Medium: Gwir
Hard: Arianwyn
Elite: Elen Anterth
Varrock Tasks Easy: Rat Burgiss
Medium: Reldo
Hard and Elite: Vannaka
New Varrock Tasks Tiny Zemouregal
Wilderness Tasks Easy: Mr Ex
Medium: Mandrith
Hard: Quercus
Elite: Kolodion


Skill requirementsEdit

  • The left table shows the skill levels required to complete all Tasks, including the levels needed to complete quests that also are required. The right table shows the skill levels required to complete all Tasks available in Free-to-play.
  • Temporary boosts may be used to obtain the required level to complete certain Tasks.
  • The current experience required to complete all of the Tasks is 140,978,512 excluding skill requirements of quests required for some Tasks and assuming no skill boosts are used. This is roughly 5 times the amount of experience required to complete all current quests and earn the quest point cape.
  • The current experience required to complete all of the Tasks available in free-to-play is 2,485,014 assuming no skill boosts are used (the same even if skill requirements from quests are included).

* - You require at least one skill with at least level 99, or own the quest point cape for one of the Tiranwnn Elite Tasks.

Total level: 2400
Attack 90 Constitution 90 Mining 90
Strength 90 Agility 90 Smithing 95
Defence 90 Herblore 94 Fishing 96
Ranged 90 Thieving 95 Cooking 95
Prayer 95 Crafting 98 Firemaking 92
Magic 90 Fletching 93 Woodcutting 90
Runecrafting 91 Slayer 95 Farming 91
Construction 90 Hunter 90 Summoning 95
Dungeoneering 95 Divination 90 Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 127 Quest 275* Task icon fixed ----
Music icon fixed 500
Total level: 529
Attack 20 Constitution ---- Mining 30
Strength ---- Agility ---- Smithing 68
Defence 25 Herblore ---- Fishing 30
Ranged 5 Thieving ---- Cooking 50
Prayer 45 Crafting 50 Firemaking 60
Magic 59 Fletching ---- Woodcutting 30
Runecrafting 57 Slayer ---- Farming ----
Construction ---- Hunter ---- Summoning ----
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 52 Quest 33 Task icon fixed 10
Music icon fixed ----

Quest requirementsEdit

The list below shows the quests required to complete all tasks. The quests are listed by location.


Players also need to have started Dragon Slayer, which requires 33 quest points.



Note: Although these are the only quest requirements, more quests may be needed for the 500 song requirement.





Seers' VillageEdit







Tasks setEdit

Main article: Tasks set
Elite task set

Antique lampsEdit

Antique lamps require the player to have a certain level in the skill it is used on. The highest such requirement is 85-95, for the lamps awarding from 50,000 to 95,000 experience.

In total, the antique lamps from all task sets combined grant 2,385,500 experience.

Other TasksEdit

Lodestone Network tasksEdit

The Lodestone Network Tasks were released on 13 March 2012 along with the Lodestone Network update. This task set does not reward the player with an item, but does allow the player to Home teleport to a variety of towns. There are a total of 20 tasks that can be completed; one for each Home teleport that can be unlocked with the exception of Lumbridge, Burthorpe, Bandit Camp, and Lunar Isle.

Divination tasksEdit

The release of the Divination skill saw 10 tasks added to the Burthorpe/Taverley tasks involving all aspects of the skill. These tasks are all beginner difficulty, and count towards the area reward and the Taskmaster emote. Completing the tasks rewards 500 Flickering energy, by talking to Orla Fairweather after doing so.



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