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Achievement banner detail

The Achievement banner is an item available for purchase from Solomon's General Store for 1,000 RuneCoins, or 900 with the members discount. It can be planted on the ground, similar to a Dominion marker, which, when read, displays the player's achievements. The banner will stay in place for 5 minutes, after which it will disappear. The banner remains in your inventory after placing it, similar to the Clan vexillum. The achievement banner was the first physical item available from Solomon's General Store.

The phrase that the banner speaks in between saying your name, total experience, combat level, total level and quest points can be customised to say any of a number of phrases. The banner itself may have its colours customised by the player.


The achievement banner cannot be placed in the following areas:

List of PhrasesEdit

  • Working towards a party hat.
  • Ex-noob.
  • If you're feeling down, level up!
  • Zamorak till I die.
  • Guthix till I die.
  • Saradomin till I die.
  • Born to PK.
  • Will dance for cash.
  • RuneScape Classic veteran.
  • Happy holidays!
  • I challenge you to a duel!
  • Secret penguin.
  • Ask me anything.
  • Aiming for a comp cape.
  • I'd do anything for XP, but I won't do that.
  • I am victorious!
  • Offering items for sale.
  • Seeking a Dungeoneering party.
  • Desperately seeking clanmates.
  • Best update ever!

Achievement banner stats


  • There used to be no way for players to ignore the banner's messages, a feature commonly criticised in-game by players. In response to player complaints, Jagex lowered the rate at which the messages appeared, and it was also later forbidden from bank areas and Pest Control. Now, adding a player to your ignore list also ignores the banner's messages.
  • A player may have their phrase set to "Runescape Classic veteran" even if they are not a veteran of RuneScape Classic.
  • The phrase "I'd do anything for XP, but I won't do that" is a reference to the song I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf.

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