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Achey Tree
Achey tree
Members only? Yes
Logs Achey tree logs (481 coins)
Farming level Cannot be grown
Examine An interesting tree with long straight branches

Achey Trees are pointy-looking trees that are found only in Feldip Hills and south of Castle Wars (note that here may be the best way to train on them). They need level 1 Woodcutting to be chopped. When chopped, they give Achey logs, which sell for 481 coins at the Grand Exchange. This is the only type of tree, besides the normal tree, that only gives one log when cut. The Achey tree gives you 25 experience when cut. When these logs are fletched, they produce between 2-6 Ogre arrow shafts or (with Wolf bones) an Unstrung comp bow.


  • When you chopped down an achey tree, you didn't get the distinctive "falling down tree" sound, like you did with other trees. This was because you only chopped away the branches and left the trunk behind. This sound issue has now been fixed.
  • When hovering over an achey tree it says 'Chop Achey Tree' whereas with all other trees (apart from the one in the quest Lost City ) it says 'Chop down (tree name)'.

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