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Achey tree logs detail

Achey tree logs are obtained from achey trees through the Woodcutting skill. These logs can be burned at level 1 for 40 Firemaking experience points or fletched into either unstrung comp bows or ogre arrow shafts (used to make ogre arrows and brutal arrows).

These logs are also needed for the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest and are only available to members. They are the only logs that aren't positioned at the same angle as the other types of logs, because Achey logs are noticeably longer than others. Training south of Castle Wars is recommended because of the fact that there are lots of trees, they aren't so far away from a bank, and there are no opponents, while in the Feldip hills there wander many level 60 Wolves who can be a constant annoyance to low level players. They give 25 experience points per log.

The value of one achey tree log in Mobilising Armies is 1 investment credit.

Achey Fire

An Achey Log fire


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