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Account creation is very simple. You have to follow a few steps listed here.

The first part of account creation is done on the RuneScape site:

  1. To start, wait for the game to load, and press the following underneath the login section
    Step 1 Account creation
  2. After that, select your gender (don't worry, it can be changed at a later time):
    Step 2 Account creation
  3. And then choose your hair colour; your facial hair would also be the same as said colour.
    Step 3 Account creation
  4. After choosing your hair, you will see what outfits you can choose from. Once again it may be changed at a later date.
    Step 4 Account creation
  5. And then your legs, and the colour of it:
    Step 5 Account creation
  6. Now you can choose what boots you want:
    Step 6 Account creation
  7. Now click done and enter your information:
    Step 7 Account creation
  8. And finally, you can choose your facial hair. The colour you chose for your hair will also apply for your facial hair:]
  9. Now you can click "Play Now" and you are done! Now you can choose to do the Ashdale quest (as a tutorial), do them later or just don't do them, and you are ready to play RuneScape!


  • In the character selection, (the first screen after logging in) the character wields weapons/items that are not available in the rest of the game.
  • Before you name your character, it is named #PlayerXXXX, where XXXXs are random numbers. This can also be seen if your name became unavailable on login.
  • The account creation process used to stretch 10 steps as shown here.

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