Acca Kanatah
Acca Kanatah
Release date 13 July 2015 (Update)
Race Goebie
Members Yes
Quest NPC Call of the Ancestors
Location(s) Kanatah
Sells items No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine The elder of the village of Kanatah.
Acca Kanatah location
Acca Kanatah chathead

Acca Kanatah is a goebie who acts as the leader of the goebie settlement Kanatah. He can tell players their current reputation on Mazcab. He can also accept goebie relics, awarding 5 reputation per relic.

During Call of the Ancestors, his village is threatened with complete annihilation by the airut. He decides that he has had enough and wishes to show them that goebies are not to be messed with. His predecesor created a pile of wood that is required to prepare the village, but he cannot get to it by himself, so he asks three young goebies - Lunch, Peck, and Tunks - to get the supplies for him, using their unique skills. He then sent the trio off to find some poison which would weaken the airut during their impending invasion.

If shown A 'Durzag & Goebbana' catalogue, he thanks the player for finding it, but refuses to reward them. He states that his fondness for fashion must be kept secret.


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