Abyssal hound
Abyssal hound pet
Abyssal hound
Release date 2 May 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Dog
Source Shattered Worlds
Interface Yes
Category Companion
Food No
Growth time No
Colour variations None
Examine Loyal hunting hound of the Abyssal Knights.
Abyssal hound chathead

Abyssal hound is a pet unlocked in Shattered Worlds. It is a very rare drop from the reward chest (X/150,000 drop rate after every 5 worlds completed, where X is 5 times the number of the last world)[1] which can be opened after completing a run of worlds.

This means if you went from world 1 to 10, you would get one roll of 25/150,000 and one roll of 50/150,000. If you went from world 1 to 14, your roll would be the same, as you didn't reach the 5th world in that group.

Another example, completing worlds 196-200 would provide a 1,000/150,000 (0.67%) chance at Abyssal hound pet.

Examining the pet shows its owner's highest achieved world in Shattered Worlds. However, when using it to override familiars, it will only show's the familiar's usual examine information.

A server-wide announcement is broadcast when the pet is obtained.



  1. ^ Mod Shauny. "Dev Blog: Revealing Drop Rates." 1 December 2017. Existing Game Updates Forums.

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