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This article is a strategy guide for Abyssal demon.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Abyssal demons are one of the strongest demons in RuneScape. They can drop a large amount of items, ranging from a few coins to an abyssal wand. Players require a Slayer level of 85 to damage them, which can be boosted starting at 80 using wild pies. They provide good Slayer and Invention experience.


Location Pros Cons
Slayer Tower roof Has the most spawns of any location, can take advantage of Slayer contracts and Morytania legs 4. Often crowded; can be difficult the find an empty world.
Kuradal's dungeon Many spawns, often less crowded as these abyssal demons can only be killed on task. Ferocious sigil and Ferocious ring can be used to improve kill rate. Required to be on task.
Abyssal Area Almost always empty. Few, disparate spawns. Other aggressive monsters can be irritating. Requires partial completion of Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen.
Wilderness Usually empty. Many spawns here, can use Demonic skull and Slayer contract (Wilderness). Other players are able to attack you here; take only what you are willing to potentially risk losing.

It is recommended to kill them either in Kuradal's dungeon or the Morytania slayer tower. If players choose to kill them in Kuradal's dungeon, they should equip the Ferocious ring. If players choose to kill them in the slayer tower, they may want to equip the Morytania legs 4 (provided they have done the Morytania elite tasks) for a 10% slayer experience boost on task.

The Morytania slayer tower location is recommended for players with access to soul split. By using aggression potions, players can get many abyssal demons attacking them without needing to move around. The top of the tower is recommended for this method as it has the most spawns. Players should use area of effect abilities as much as possible to do damage to many abyssal demons at once.


See Slayer/Recommended equipment for guidelines of equipment to use

All styles can be effective when killing abyssal demons. Players using ranged should use Mechanised chinchompas or Decimation for their area of effect abilities. Players using melee should use a Noxious scythe or a Dragon Rider lance whilst prioritising the use of area of effect abilities. The highest kills per hour can be achieved with the use of Caroming and Aftershock whilst using magic.

Useful Invention perks to use here are Aftershock, Caroming, Demon Slayer and Scavenging. Aftershock deals additional damage in an area of effect radius, and Caroming enables Chain to hit a total of 6 enemies. Scavenging allows players to potentially gain rare components upon killing an abyssal demon. Demon Slayer gives a 7% damage boost. It is worth noting that Caroming is niche as it is not effective in single target PvM, therefore should only be used if planning to camp for very long periods of time.

Players may want to consider using demon slayer equipment to improve their damage output and receive extra experience. Although this is classified as range armour, it is possible for players with access to curses, overloads and tier 90 weaponry to achieve 100% hit chance regardless of the accuracy penalty.


  • Infernal urns may be helpful as they will automatically collect their ashes, especially as they now stack.
  • An attuned ectoplasmator and demon horn necklace combination can be used to restore prayer to help save players from using the penance aura or prayer potions/super restores.
  • Due to the common drop of uncut rubies and the uncommon drop of uncut diamonds it is useful to bring a gem bag

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