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Due to an update, the information in this article may be out-of-date.
Reason: The Legacy Mode Launch, Global Combat Improvements and Gear Guide update had changed how skill levels increase damage. It's not just a simple +1 or +1.5 damage for every Strength, Ranged, or Magic level anymore.
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In combat, ability damage is a number based on your skills, weapons, and armour, which is used by almost all abilities to determine how high they can hit. Ability damage has different formulas for each combat style, and is affected by prayers and damage-boosting items. It is closely related to the auto-attack damage shown in the combat interface, but it varies in notable and significant ways. Ability damage can be viewed in the combat interface under the "abilities" tab.


d_{m} = 
    l_m + \min\{9.6 l_{mh},d_s\}              + b_a& \mbox{for single-wielding}\\
1.5 l_m + \min\{9.6 l_{mh},d_s\} + 5.2 l_{oh} + 1.5b_a& \mbox{for dual-wielding}\\
1.5 l_m + \min\{9.6 l_{mh},d_s\} + 5.2 l_{mh} + b_a& \mbox{for 2h-wielding}\\


  • d_m is your damage with magic abilities.
  • l_m is your level in Magic, including boosts.
  • l_{mh} is the required level to use the weapon in your main hand.
  • l_{oh} is the required level to use the weapon in your off hand.
  • d_s is the stated damage of your spell.
  • b_a is the sum of all damage boosts from armour.

It is important to note the dual-wielding formula is not yet known for the case where a different spell is used in each hand. The stated formula does not apply in this case, indeed it seems that dual wielding your highest level spell twice causes less damage than dual wielding your highest level spell with a lower one. This is almost certainly a bug.


d_{w} = 
    l_s + d_{mh}s_{mh}                + b_a & \mbox{for single-wielding}\\
1.5 l_s + d_{mh}s_{mh} + d_{oh}s_{oh} + 1.5b_a& \mbox{for dual-wielding}\\
1.5 l_s + d_{mh}s_{mh} + 1.5b_a& \mbox{for 2h-wielding}\\


  • d_w is your damage with warrior abilities.
  • l_s is your level in Strength, including boosts.
  • d_{mh} and d_{oh} are the stated damage from your main and off hand weapons, respectively.
  • s_{mh} and s_{oh} are multipliers based on the speed of your main and off hand weapons:
    • For Average weapons, this is 0.65.
    • For Fast weapons, this is 0.7875.
    • For Fastest weapons, this is 1.
  • b_a is the sum of all damage boosts from armour.


d_{r} = 
    l_r + \min\{9.6 l_{mh},d_a\}              + b_a & \mbox{for single-wielding}\\
1.5 l_r + \min\{9.6 l_{mh},d_a\} + 4.8 l_{oh} + 1.5b_a & \mbox{for dual-wielding}\\
1.5 l_r + \min\{14.4 l_{mh},1.5 d_a\} + 1.5b_a& \mbox{for 2h-wielding}\\


  • d_r is your damage with ranged abilities.
  • l_r is your level in Ranged, including boosts.
  • l_{mh} is the required level to use the weapon in your main hand (or two-handed).
  • l_{oh} is the required level to use the weapon in your off hand (or two-handed).
  • d_a is the stated damage of your ammo.
  • b_a is the sum of all damage boosts from armour.


Prayers increase your ability damage by a set percentage, which can be found on the Prayer page. Prayers do not affect the damage of bleed abilities.


The effect of potions is twofold: for one, it increases your visible Magic, Strength and Ranged levels, so that small amount is added to your ability damage at the beginning. In addition, each boosted level provides 8 extra damage. However, this occurs after any other multipliers including ability, critical hit and prayer multipliers, so it essentially just adds 8 * boostedlevels to your damage. This extra damage has no effect on bleed abilities.

Other boostsEdit

There are many miscellaneous items and situations that can boost your ability damage. All of them work on bleeds except for void armour and the slayer helmet and equivalents.


Abilities use the ability damage number to determine their max hit. In general, the damage is multiplied by a particular number that is stated on the interface (for example, Assault's maximum hit is 2.19 * abilitydamage.) As mentioned earlier, the potion boost is then added to this. A non-critical hit (with the exception of bleeds and Unload/Frenzy) will hit between 33% and 100% of its maximum damage. Critical hits will hit between 100% and 105% damage.

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