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"Ability book" redirects here. For the items that unlock abilities, see codex.

Abilities are a set of combat commands for Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Ranged, and Magic. Abilities form the basis of combat following the Evolution of Combat, though they cannot be used when in Legacy Mode combat.

Each skill has a menu of abilities, found in the Powers menu, which can be dragged outside as part of an interface setup.

Abilities come in a wide variety of types; some allow players to deal extra damage, heal themselves, stun their opponents, or many other things. When an ability is used, it cannot be used again for a specific amount of time (its cooldown), and other abilities cannot be used for 3 ticks (1.8 seconds; the global cooldown). Constantly using abilities seamlessly is generally the most effective form of combat.

A player can use abilities directly from their interface, or place them onto their action bar for quick access and the ability to use them with a keybind. Basic abilities placed in the first 9 slots of the primary action bar are used automatically when Revolution is enabled.

Abilities are laid out by combat skill, out of Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic, Constitution and Defence. Most abilities have a skill level requirement to be used, and most have an equipment requirement - for example, Slice requires a main-hand melee weapon, and Bash requires a shield.


There are three classes of abilities: Basic, Threshold, and Ultimate. There are also auto-attacks, which occur when not using an ability, and Special attacks, which are defined by specific weapons. Abilities generate and consume adrenaline during the flow of combat.

  • Auto-attacks simply do the damage of the weapon with no special effects. They generate 1-2% adrenaline each.
  • Basic abilities gain 8% adrenaline each, and usually have increased damage, a special effect, or both
  • Threshold abilities require 50% adrenaline and will drain 15% on use, generally dealing more damage than basic abilities or having stronger effects
  • Ultimate abilities require 100% adrenaline and drain the whole bar, dealing a large amount of damage or providing a very powerful effect.
  • Special attacks can only be used when using a specific weapon, and the attack itself differs with each relevant weapon. To use a special attack, an amount of adrenaline is required and it will use all of that adrenaline when used. Special attacks have no cooldown. Their damage and effects vary greatly with the weapon, but generally fit between threshold abilities and ultimate abilities. See Special attacks for more details.

The damage done by abilities is usually a percentage of a player's ability damage, which is determined by weapon/spell damage, skill level, and weapon speed.

Nearly all passive effects will work with both auto-attacks and abilities, the most notable exception being Barrows equipment set effects.

Ability persistenceEdit

When an ability is used, it may remain active for some time either on the player or on the target. Abilities can remain active on the player in two ways:

  • Combo attacks, such as Concentrated Blast, Destroy, and Unload, take more than the global cooldown to fully use. While an ability of this type is active, the use of another ability will cancel it.
  • Abilities that leave a passive, positive effect on the player, for a period of time, such as Meteor Strike, Metamorphosis, and Anticipation, are often called buff abilities. Using another ability while this buff is active will not remove the buff.

Abilities that remain on the target and provide a negative effect to that target are often called debuffs. Abilities such as Combust, Debilitate, and Sever remain active on the target for several seconds. The use of further abilities will not cancel these.

Abilities active on the target are displayed in the target's status bar. Abilities active on the player (including abilities used on the player by the target) are displayed in a then Buffs/Debuffs window, which can be moved around on the screen as desired (in edit mode with the RS3 interface); in the legacy interface right-click the Zero weakness icon icon in the combat settings tab to enable timers beneath the minimap.


All abilities have a cooldown timer. The cooldown activates when the ability is used, and stays active for a period of time specific to the ability. While it is active, the ability cannot be used. Some abilities share a cooldown: this means that using one of those abilities will activate the cooldown timer for all of them. Often these groups of abilities have something in common, like stunning the target (Kick, Binding Shot, and Impact), or moving the player several squares (Escape and Surge).

After using an ability, you cannot use another ability (or auto-attack) for 3 ticks (1.8 seconds). This is the global cooldown. (This triggers from the moment of use, so after a combo attack, you can immediately use another ability.)

Unlocking abilitiesEdit

The vast majority of abilities are automatically unlocked once you reach the skill level required to use them. These level requirements can be seen in the Ability menus section below.

However, there are a small number of additional abilities that must be unlocked by other means:

AbilityLevel requirementMethod to unlock
Blood Tendrils75 AttackRead the Codex ultimatus, which is obtained by speaking to the archaeological expert at the Exam Centre, after completion of The Dig Site quest (with the requirement for at least one of the abilities)
Shadow Tendrils75 Ranged
Smoke Tendrils75 Magic
Ice Asylum91 Constitution
Balanced Strike85 AttackObtained on completion of the quest The World Wakes
Death's Swiftness85 Ranged
Sunshine85 Magic
Natural Instinct85 Defence
Guthix's Blessing85 Constitution
Tuska's Wrath50 ConstitutionPurchased from the Anima Islands minigame reward shop
Devotion1 DefenceObtained as a rare drop from General Graardor, Kree'arra, Aviansies or purchased from the Anima Islands reward shop
Sacrifice10 Constitution
Transfigure10 Constitution
Storm Shards70 ConstitutionRead either the Storm Shards and Shatter Ability Codex or the Mazcab ability codex (both abilities unlocked together)
Onslaught90 ConstitutionRead either the Onslaught Ability Codex or the Mazcab ability codex
Corruption Shot70 RangedRead either the Corruption Shot Ability Codex or the Mazcab ability codex
Corruption Blast70 MagicRead either the Corruption Blast Ability Codex or the Mazcab ability codex
Reprisal85 ConstitutionRead the Reprisal Ability Codex

Ability menusEdit

The different abilities can be found in the following four menus. In game, the combat skills Attack and Strength share a tab but are further divided into their own sub-tabs. This is also true of Defence and Constitution. Ranged and Magic each have their own tab. However, the Magic tab is further sub-divided into a sub-tabs for: magic abilities, Combat spells, Teleport spells, and Skilling spells.


Ability Members Level Type Cooldown Equipment Description
Backhand Backhand No 15 Basic 15 Any
Balanced Strike Balanced Strike Yes 85 Ultimate 120 Any
Barge Barge Yes 30 Basic 20 Any
Blood Tendrils Blood Tendrils Yes 75 Threshold 45 Any
Flurry Flurry Yes 37 Threshold 20 Dual
Forceful Backhand Forceful Backhand No 15 Threshold 15 Any
Havoc Havoc No 5 Basic 10 Dual
Hurricane Hurricane No 55 Threshold 20 Two-handed
Massacre Massacre Yes 66 Ultimate 60 Dual
Meteor Strike Meteor Strike Yes 81 Ultimate 60 Two-handed
Overpower Overpower No 2 Ultimate 30 Any
Sever Sever No 45 Basic 15 Any
Slaughter Slaughter No 1 Threshold 30 Any
Slice Slice No 0 Basic 3 Any
Smash Smash No 20 Basic 10 Two-handed


Ability Members Level Type Cooldown Equipment Description
Assault Assault Yes 55 Threshold 30 Any
Berserk Berserk Yes 42 Ultimate 60 Melee weapon
Cleave Cleave No 48 Basic 7 Two-handed
Decimate Decimate No 67 Basic 7 Dual
Destroy Destroy (ability) No 37 Threshold 20 Dual
Dismember Dismember No 14 Basic 15 Any
Frenzy Frenzy Yes 86 Ultimate 60 Dual
Fury Fury No 24 Basic 5 Any
Kick Kick No 3 Basic 15 Any
Pulverise Pulverise Yes 81 Ultimate 60 Two-handed
Punish Punish No 8 Basic 3 Any
Quake Quake Yes 37 Threshold 20 Two-handed
Stomp (ability) Stomp (ability) No 15 Threshold 15 Any


Ability Members Level Type Cooldown Equipment Description
Asphyxiate Asphyxiate No 2 Threshold 20 Any
Chain Chain No 45 Basic 10 Any
Combust Combust No 20 Basic 15 Any
Concentrated Blast Concentrated Blast No 12 Basic 5 Dual-wielded
Corruption Blast Corruption Blast Yes 70 Basic 15 Magic
Deep Impact Deep Impact No 15 Threshold 15 Any
Detonate Detonate Yes 37 Threshold 30 Any
Dragon Breath Dragon Breath No 5 Basic 10 Any
Impact Impact No 15 Basic 15 Any
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Yes 66 Ultimate 60 Any
Omnipower Omnipower No 2 Ultimate 30 Any
Smoke Tendrils Smoke Tendrils Yes 75 Threshold 45 Any
Sonic Wave Sonic Wave No 8 Basic 5 Two-handed
Sunshine Sunshine Yes 85 Ultimate 60 Any
Surge Surge Yes 30 Basic 20 Any
Tsunami Tsunami Yes 81 Ultimate 60 Any
Wild Magic Wild Magic No 55 Threshold 20 Any
Wrack Wrack No 1 Basic 3 Any


Ability Members Level Type Cooldown Equipment Description
Binding Shot Binding Shot No 15 Basic 15 Any
Bombardment Bombardment Yes 55 Threshold 30 Any
Corruption Shot Corruption Shot Yes 70 Basic 15 Ranged
Dazing Shot Dazing Shot No 8 Basic 5 Two-handed ranged
Deadshot Deadshot No 3 Ultimate 30 Any
Death's Swiftness Death's Swiftness Yes 85 Ultimate 60 Any
Escape Escape Yes 34 Basic 20 Any
Fragmentation Shot Fragmentation Shot No 25 Basic 15 Any
Incendiary Shot Incendiary Shot Yes 66 Ultimate 60 Two-handed
Needle Strike Needle Strike No 12 Basic 5 Dual ranged
Piercing Shot Piercing Shot No 1 Basic 3 Any
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire No 37 Threshold 20 Any
Ricochet Ricochet No 45 Basic 10 Any
Shadow Tendrils Shadow Tendrils Yes 75 Threshold 45 Any
Snap Shot Snap Shot No 2 Threshold 20 Any
Snipe Snipe No 5 Basic 10 Any ranged weapon
Tight Bindings Tight Bindings No 15 Threshold 15 Any
Unload Unload Yes 81 Ultimate 60 Dual ranged


Ability Members Level Type Cooldown Equipment Description
Anticipation Anticipation No 3 Basic 24 Any
Barricade Barricade Yes 81 Ultimate 60 Shield
Bash Bash No 8 Basic 15 Any
Debilitate Debilitate Yes 55 Threshold 30 Any
Devotion Devotion No 1 Threshold 60 None
Freedom Freedom No 34 Basic 30 Any
Immortality Immortality Yes 29 Ultimate 120 Shield
Natural Instinct Natural Instinct Yes 85 Ultimate 120 Any
Preparation Preparation Yes 67 Basic 20 Shield
Provoke Provoke Yes 24 Basic 10 Any
Reflect Reflect Yes 37 Threshold 30 Shield
Rejuvenate Rejuvenate No 52 Ultimate 300 Shield
Resonance Resonance Yes 48 Basic 30 Shield
Revenge Revenge Yes 15 Threshold 45 Shield


Ability Members Level Type Cooldown Equipment Description
Aggressive Stance Aggressive Stance Yes 10 Basic 0 Any
Balanced Stance Balanced Stance Yes 10 Basic 0 Any
Defensive Stance Defensive Stance Yes 10 Basic 0 Any
Guthix's Blessing Guthix's Blessing Yes 85 Ultimate 300 None
Ice Asylum Ice Asylum Yes 91 Ultimate 300 None
Incite Incite Yes 24 Basic 0 Any
Onslaught Onslaught Yes 90 Ultimate 120 Any weapon
Reckless Stance Reckless Stance Yes 10 Basic 0 Any
Regenerate Regenerate (ability) Yes 10 Basic 0 Any
Reprisal Reprisal Yes 85 Threshold 60 None
Sacrifice Sacrifice No 10 Basic 30 None
Shatter Shatter Yes 70 Threshold 120 Any
Shout - Aggressive Stance Shout - Aggressive Stance Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Balanced Stance Shout - Balanced Stance Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Blue Egg Shout - Blue Egg Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Crackers Shout - Crackers Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Defensive Stance Shout - Defensive Stance Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Green Egg Shout - Green Egg Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Poisoned Meat Shout - Poisoned Meat Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Poisoned Tofu Shout - Poisoned Tofu Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Poisoned Worms Shout - Poisoned Worms Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Red Egg Shout - Red Egg Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Tofu Shout - Tofu Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Shout - Worms Shout - Worms Yes 1 Basic 0 Any
Single-Way Wilderness Single-Way Wilderness No 25 Basic 10 None
Siphon Siphon No 20 Basic 60 Any
Storm Shards Storm Shards Yes 70 Basic 30 Any weapon
Transfigure Transfigure No 10 Ultimate 180 None
Tuska's Wrath Tuska's Wrath Yes 50 Basic 120 or 15 None
Weapon Special attack Special attack icon Yes 10 Special 0 Special attacks


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