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This is the quick guide for A Clockwork Syringe.
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Start pointQuest map icon
A Clockwork Syringe icon
Enter the portal to your player-owned house
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Quest Quests:
  • 61 Slayer Slayer (Boosts cannot be used)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat Beware of particularly strong general malpractitioners and 'rum'-pumped crabs, who hit high and are poisonous.

Starting outEdit

  • Go to your player-owned house portal, and attempt to enter your house.
  • Attempt to enter again and choose the "A Clockwork Syringe" option from your portal
  • Read the delivery note
  • Attempt to enter your house again and select the "A Clockwork Syringe" option once more.
  • Inspect the package.
  • Kill the level 98 Barrelchest Mk II.

For more information on how to defeat Barrelchest Mk II click here.

Dealing with the deliveryEdit

Zombie stress level
  • Talk to the estate agent.
  • Speak to the zombie head.
  • Torture the head using all five options when they are available
  • When the zombie head reaches its maximum stress level talk to it.

Warning Bill TeachEdit

Finding the workersEdit

  • Climb-down the wooden stair to the south.
  • Head west then north past 50% Luke and open the gate.
  • Head north across the two bridges towards the volcano until you reach the entrance to a resource dungeon (Mysterious entrance).
  • Enter with your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet equipped.
  • Go down all three paths and investigate the worker's bodies to discover their names. Do this for each of the three paths.
  • Tell Captain Braindeath the news.
  • Take the oath and receive the Twiblick night special.
  • Teleport back to Mos Le'Harmless with the teleport scroll and head back to the basement in Joe's pub.
  • Talk to Bill Teach and receive the unlocked Twiblick night special.
  • Talk to Bill Teach again. (Chat 2)
    • Select any of the remaining chat options to give the zombie head makeover.
  • Speak to Bill Teach again.

Getting into Bloodsplatter IsleEdit

Items recommended: 10 Free inventory spots
  • Climb-up the ladder.
  • Return south to Bill's ship, cross the gangplank, talk to him, and use the "A Clockwork Syringe" option to begin your travel.
  • Speak to Bill. (Chat 3)
  • Climb-down the ladders to the hold of the ship (lowest level).
    • Open and search the gun locker.
    • Open and search the repair locker.
    • Take 3 Gunpowder from the Powder barrel.
    • Take a barrel from the Barrel stack.
    • Use the gunpowder on the chain.
    • Use the anvil to smith the chain and cannonball together.
    • Use your Cannonball and chain on the barrel to receive a Cannonball barrel-boat.
  • Go back up the ladder to the main deck. On the eastern cannon click 'Take-The-Ride Cannon' option to go to Bloodsplatter Isle.

Investigating Bloodsplatter IsleEdit

  • Investigate the Perch Rock.
  • You must steer him around while dropping cannonballs on the barrelchests.
Baron control UI

The Baron's controls.

  • Leave the Isle by diving at the pier and swim (Chat 1) to Bill Teach on his ship, request to go to Bloodsplatter Isle (Chat 2).
  • Approach the yellow dots to the north of the factory.
  • Escape your cell and collect a surgical mask, roll of bandage, barrelchest parts, and a barrel from the stack.
  • Return to Bill by using the signalling point at the end of the dock where you arrived (Chat 1).
  • Get a disguise from Bill (Chat 11) and have him send you back to the island (Chat 2).
  • Enter the compound and take 3 more barrels and 3 stacks of powder.
  • Change into the barrelchest disguise. Must be 3x3 clear around your character.

Collecting EvidenceEdit

Letter One: This is in the south-west room, sabotage the southern gas canister. 'Tell-joke' to each of the Dis-orderly and then brutalise each of them. Investigate the notice board.
Letter Two: Kill each of Grimterns in the western-most room. Investigate the notice board after killing them.
Letter Three: Talk to one of the Drunk zombies lying on the beds in the north-west room, then investigate the notice board.
Letter Four: Loosen each of the three undead arms in the north-east room, then inspect one of the arms, finally investigate the notice board.
Letter Five: Do not continue unless you have 300+ life points. Use the three gunpowder on each of your three barrels, finish the three barrelchests in the south-eastern room. Detonate them and investigate the notice board.
  • Change out of the barrelchest disguise.
  • Return back to Bill by signalling him from the dock (Chat 1).

Destroying the Factory Construction LineEdit

  • Talk to Bill Teach onboard his ship.
  • Return to Bloodsplatter Isle and head to the eastern-most room (Chat 2).
  • Pull the lever to activate the three conveyor belts (Chat 1), and use the Bundle o' kegs on them until each of the conveyor belts explode. You can also left-click on the conveyer belts to load-keg.

Battle at SeaEdit

  • Climb over the destroyed wall between the conveyor lines, and head east through the door opening to the docks.
  • Climb-down the ladder at the end of the dock.
  • Board the unoccupied zomboat and sink all the boats
    • Fire cannonballs at the boats either by left-clicking on them, or using the minigame menu.
    • Don't forget to repair your boat when it gets to about 25% health - it is not instant.
  • After you sink all of the other boats, talk to Bill Teach on his ship.
  • Go back to Joe's Pub basement and talk to Bill Teach to finish the quest.
  • Quest complete!

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