250m players

The 250 million accounts celebration started after 250 million accounts had been created. The celebration started on 12 September 2016 where, for 7 consecutive days, both free players and members that logged in during the given time could win 250 million gold coins each day.

Once a user was chosen for the daily 250 million gold coins prize, the following global message was broadcasted: Congratulations to <Player_Name>, the winner of the <first/second/...> 250m prize this week! Log in every day this week to enter each day’s draw!

Winner Announcement Date and Time
Cali Carlos 13th September 16:43 UTC
Dom IRuan 14th September
Laidu1 15th September
Tobias Andor 16th September
AzrealB 17th September
Lin NoobNoob 18th September
Bellumaspe 19th September

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