2015 Winter event
Release date 19 January 2015 (Update)
End date 23 February 2015 (Update)
Reward Hati paws, Hati head, Hati cloak, Sköll boots, Sköll amulet, Valkyrie helmet, Valkyrie spear, experience
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by 2014 Winter event (2014)
Succeeded by 2016 Winter event (2016)

The 2015 Winter event is a sequel to the 2014 Winter event in which players are able to kill two wolves found in the Fremennik Province: Hati and Sköll.

The event includes a task to find Eir's helmet and Eir's spear for Eir. These can be obtained from killing Hati, Sköll, or from divining at the sparkling wisp divination spot near Eir. Players can only obtain one type of item, thus to get the other item they need to trade with other players.

Hati can be found south-east of Rellekka, and will commonly drop the Hati paws and a piece of Eir's equipment. The paws can be used to gain experience and bonus experience in any combat skill except Prayer and Summoning.

Sköll can be found directly west of the entrance to Rellekka. In order to summon him, a certain amount of logs must be put into a bonfire. He can be killed and will commonly drop Sköll boots and a piece of Eir's equipment. The boots can be used to gain experience and bonus experience in either Agility or Woodcutting.

After giving Eir's helmet and spear to Eir, she will reward you with experience and bonus experience in either Divination or Prayer. In addition to that, the player will also receive two cosmetic overrides: the Valkyrie helmet and the Valkyrie spear, if they have not received the overrides before.

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