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The following is the list of events that happened in the year 2000.

October Edit

  • 25 October: Injured monsters will now run away
  • 25 October: Aggressive monsters now attack when you approach
  • 25 October: Big AI improvements. Npcs now have 5 different behaviour modes
  • 25 October: Fixed trading mode bug, walking around now exits the trade.
  • 26 October: Added in skill advancement
  • 26 October: Improved combat, can now choose from 4 fighting modes
  • 27 October: Added cupboards, gates, signposts, sacks, bookcases etc...
  • 27 October: Added new rat monster
  • 31 October: Adjusted mouse button assignments
  • 31 October: Projectile combat now works.

November Edit

December Edit

Source for updatesEdit

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