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10th anniversary candles was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

For the new, non-limited edition version of these candles, see celebration candles.

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10th anniversary candles detail

10th anniversary candles are one of the Limited Edition Items. They were released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Runescape. They could be used on a 10th Anniversary Cake (with 10 candles) to create a special cake, which could then be lit with a tinderbox. After lighting the cake, an option to 'Celebrate' appeared where the player would perform an emote.

They could be dropped by any monster in the area between Rimmington and the Sawmill and Lumbridge farm (north of the sheep herd in Lumbridge right around the pond). They could also be obtained in a special "around the world" drop party held by a Jagex Moderator. In addition, they could be obtained from the Falador Party Room. 10 candles could be used on a 10th anniversary cake and then can be lit with a Tinderbox to create the full cake, which cannot be eaten once the candles are added. 10th anniversary candles were common drops from all monsters in the above area, such as Highwaymen, Varrock Guards, Cows, Dark Wizards (level 7), Men, Women, Goblins, Unicorns, White Knights, Imps, Outlaws, and Giant Spiders.

After a month, the candles were removed, and replaced by celebration candles.


  • Jagex stated that all cakes, candles, and unlit cakes would be removed after the event, leaving only the lit cakes.
  • If you tried to pick up a candle when your inventory is full, even if you already have candles in your inventory, you would be told that you cannot hold that item.
  • If you attempted to light the candles before putting them on a cake you will be told that "You should put the candles on a 10th anniversary cake first".

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