Release date 19 February 2007 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC Tower of Life
Location Tower of Life
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine He wishes he had teeth.
'Currency' The Alchemist location
'Gummy' chathead

'Gummy' is a builder hired to build the Tower of Life, but who went on strike as the crew were suspicious of their employers' motives.[1] He spends his time playing rock-paper-scissors with his fellow builder 'Black-eye', having won 50 games each.[2]

During the quest Tower of Life, he can be approached about obtaining pieces of the builder's costume. He refuses to hand any over, but claims he lost a pair of trousers while drying them by the shore. A pair of scruffy trousers can be found by searching the plants southeast of the Tower.

He can be pickpocketed for 8 Thieving experience, the same as a man, and a triangle sandwich.

'Black-eye' and 'Gummy' RPS

'Black-eye' and 'Gummy'


  1. ^ Bonafido, "Tower of Life", RuneScape. "We know those alchemi-whatsits are up ta somefin' weird in building this tower, wot wiv all the machinery, and until we get some answers we're not movin a muscle."
  2. ^ 'Gummy', "Tower of Life", RuneScape. "It's a draw at the moment. First it was best of three, then it was best of five.[...]Best of a hundred and one."

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