Not to be confused with Beefy Bill.
'Beefy' Burns
Beefy Burns
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC Lunar Diplomacy
Location(s) Pirates' Cove
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A stickler for hygiene in the kitchen.
'Beedy-eye' Jones location
'Beefy' Burns chathead

'Beefy' Burns is the cook aboard the Lady Zay. He is located at the bottom deck of the ship, towards the back. He wears a chef's hat and white apron.

He appears to have limited knowledge of non-culinary matters. He believes information to be a type of drink[1] and jinxes to be a type of vegetable. He seems to have a deep hatred for vegetables, calling them "cursed foreign vegetables", "evil domestic vegetables", and "vegetable vegetables". He also distrusts any food that he did not personally prepare.[2]

When the crew of the Lady Zay went to a feast on Lunar Isle, he remained behind.[2]


  1. ^ 'Beefy' Burns, "Lunar Diplomacy", RuneScape. "Wussat? Some kind of alkyhol? If'n it ain't grog I don't be stocking it!"
  2. ^ a b 'Beefy' Burns, "Lunar Diplomacy", RuneScape. "The Moon Clan yer say? Ah, well I dinna know much about them folks, when everyone else went to that there big old feast I stayed aboard the ship... I gots ter be honest, I never trust any food I ain't prepared meself!"